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    Default Jacksonville CRGF with Randy Harris

    Great class and great instructor. I learned a great deal. I am really pumped up about improving my skills through practice and training. Good Fun. Thanks Randy. Looking forward to more in the futrue.

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    Great course, great instructor, perfect pace and plenty of actual practice and firing. Lecture with practical demonstrations along with class participation drives the learning home. So, if you think its all gonna be boring war stories..... forget that sh*t right now! Yep your on the high board and about to jump into more knowledge than those pogs in the shallow end get. First rate school; you will not be disappointed.

    Information that WILL save you and your family's LIFE (if needed)--- start saving now. Top shelf facility in Kingsland, Ga.
    When's the FoF or 0-5ft class Randy?

    Thank You for the enlightenment.

    Best quote of the weekend: "One story, end of story" Classic


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    Another great one from Randy Harris.

    Gents, you don't know what you don't know. In my opinion, there is no better way to identify gaps in your "Force Continuum" than to attend one of these courses and enjoy the nice fat ego check. I came away from this one with a new appreciation for how little thought I had put into the nuts and bolts of a gunfight from concealment and some excellent techniques to see the fight coming, stop it before it starts, or if necessary, dominate the fight completely.

    Thanks Randy!

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    Thanks guys. As to when we can look fro Zero To Five or FOF? If there is enough interest I will definitely make it happen.
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    This was a fantastic class and I learned much - including how much I need to keep practicing! Many thanks to Randy for making this such an outstanding training experience. I'd take this course again in a heartbeat (and probably should before moving on!) and recommend it to anyone that wants to improve their handgun skills.

    I'll be there for the Zero To Five or FOF, whichever is offered as I would like to take both.

    Count me in on any class that I can take an AK to as well. And the sooner the better!

    Aw heck... truth is, I'll be there for anything I can bring a Glock or AK to! Even repeats and even when it feels like it's 100+ degrees - altho, Fall, Winter & Spring scheduling would be nice.
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