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    I shot the 5" 9mm pro this year in competition. love everything about it except the trigger, which i've learned to like. :) I started many years and many rounds ago with a sig 226. its the closest striker gun i've got to its feel in the hand. I also find the stock sights very usable on the regular models. the mag bases are another story. i found out you could switch the long nose stock ones with the short nose compact ones. this gets their feel more like everybody elses.

    I liked the m&p so much i eventually got a 4" pro in 9mm for home/comp backup/cc and i primarily carry a 9mm compact with stock trigger and crimson grip.

    I've never tried/felt an apex trigger but from what i read, the pro triggers are close/= to them. there is a definite difference between stock standard and stock pro. my only complaint with them is they all feel springy. I had an xdm before this and it absolutely had the best factory trigger i've ever felt. i wanted to keep the xdm but they just didn't feel as good ad the m&p in the hand.

    on the slide drop thing. i was told its actually because the slide is driven slightly backwards on a forceful mag seat. this disengages the slide stop and forward she goes. i didn't like this at first but i have learned to like it for competitions and none of mine have failed to grab a round yet.

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    I just sold an M&P40 fs that I had for over 2 years. Couple thousand trouble-free rounds, and a real sweet shooter. Only reason I sold it is to consolidate to 9mm. An M&P 9 fs took it's place. The first time I shot an M&P, I sold my Glock and never looked back. Fine sidearm, IMHO.

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    I have M&P9c for daily carry ( love it ) but want a G17 Gen4 for my next "combat" weapon.

    Never cared for Glocks much til I handle the Gen4's. Points and handles really well for me. Proven system. Parts availability.....

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    "Proven system..." with the 3rd Gen 9mm guns. Still would not purchase a Gen 4 in 9mm. As for the M&P, my stock trigger is slightly over 4 1/2 lbs and I shoot it the way I want to shoot a Glock (with the exception of the .45 ACP Glocks).
    "The only shot that matters is the one you are making."

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    I like the M&P's I have a M&P compact 9 and a full size M&P 357sig both are great shooting guns IMO, compared to my Smith 39 and 5906 they aren't as accurate, but handle better. I recently purchased a G32 in 357sig but haven't run enough rounds through it to compare to the M&P. But I can say I like both brands, just sumtin bout those black guns I like.
    Might also mention I recently completed a CHL class, there was a variety of hand guns being shot, of course the person firing the gun has a lot to do with it but I did notice that one guy shotting a M&P compact 9 had one of the best scores and did out shoot several glock shooters.
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    inhiliator5000 Guest
    I picked up an M&P9 w/the 4.25 bbl. this past wednesday.

    I took it out to the range yesterday and ran approx. 200 rnds through it. Not 1 mishap or slip up. Feeding was excellent, extracting was excellent.

    I ran a few reloading drills and worked the pistol pretty hard during the short time frame i was out there.

    I've got nothing but good things to say about it.

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    My department issues the M&P 40 with Insight light attached. As one of my department's firearms instructors, I had input when we were looking to replace our SW99's in 2010. Our requirements were that the pistol had to be DAO, and 40 S&W. We recieved bids from Glock (22 and 23), S&W, and Sig Sauer (P229 and the then new P290). We took a relative sample of gender and sizes from our department, as well as letting the instructors torture test them.
    The Glocks were fine, but officers with smaller hands didn't like them.
    I like the 229 (I own one). but officers found them to be too heavy.....(I called BS on this one)
    I wanted to like the P290, but we broke 5, and the Sig response was poor to say the least (which was surprising given they would have locked in every major department in our state had they landed ours).
    The M&P was embraced by everyone, and was adopted. I have to say that is has grown on me, and my issued gun went over 20k rounds in November. I also found that the 40c is a softer shooting compact, as compared to the g27, which I can only relate to possibly grip angle. While I tolerated the SW99, I enjoy the M&P....and this is coming from someone who gets to shoot A LOT on the department's dime.
    It also helped that S&W gave us a 1 for 1 exchange on the 99's, so all we had to buy was holsters....just my .02

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