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    Default AAR Orange, Texas AR Gunfighting

    Don and John put on a great class. I learned a great deal about the weapon system as well as individual tactics. The downside is discovering there's a ton of stuff I can't live without. Hope to get to another SI class soon.

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    I also learned a ton of stuff in that class. Jon and Don's combined knowledge I'm sure was hardly touched on, but what they taught in those 2 days was staggering to me. The endless configurations of the AR modular platform are amazing. If only I had happened on to SI first I would have saved some money. There are so many B.S. gadgets that are on the market that you find do not work in the real world.
    We fired around 600 rounds in 2 days doing reality based drills that many schools would balk at. With that said Jon and Don repeatedly helped us keep it safe at all times.
    For those of you who have not taken an SI class in Orange, check it out
    It is a first rate club with a strong SI presence.
    (oh yeah, the infidels ate pork for lunch on Sunday, Sept 11, 2011)

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    You guys beat me to it, but here is my AAR. Great meeting all of you in Ornage

    Hi All,

    The following is an AAR of an SI AR15/M4 gun fighting class I attended last weekend in Orange, TX, instructed by Don Robison and Jon Payne.

    First, I begin by saying this my first rifle class. I’ve had a 2 pistol classes, one with SI, one with another school. One could say I am something of a blank canvass when it comes to running rifles.

    Here goes.
    • Facilities
    o I drove a total of @ 4 hrs each day to attend this class (2hrs each way). I would do so again without hesitation.
    o The range had some shade
    • Awnings - Helpful in 100 degree like temps
    • AC clubhouse – certainly not required but nice to cool down for 20 mins or so during the lunch provided on Sunday.
    o OGC (Orange Gun Club)
    • Nice facilities and targets. I’m accustomed to finding a spot in the woods, but they had an actual toilet with TP. Shangri-la as far as I’m concerned. No mockery intended.
    • Steel to 500yd to shoot on
    • No place in my town provides both of the above and the ability to move… without throwing a fit when you start moving.
    • Completely unrelated to the course - Grass and trees – some of you may mock, and again, it is by no means required, and indeed not controllable, but man it was nice to see something other than dead brown flora. This drought sucks.
    o Proximity to amenities
    • Hotels and eating within short drive.

    • Course Material
    o General - It was extremely appropriate to a variety of audiences but applicable to the individual which is what I am after
    • I can use this information right now to defend me and mine without having to be a member of a SWAT team or a military unit
    • Note – I have never been either. I don’t know what I don’t know.
    • Directly applicable to me, right here, right now.
    • I can run my rifle more efficiently and get more rounds on target out of a variety of situations
    o Great information on the AR platform
    • I’ve been familiar with it for some time however learned new things – lubrication options, etc.
    • Great having SMEs there to ask technical questions
    o Drills - good stuff
    • Thought the approach to clearing malfunctions was great. Liked elevated heart rate.
    • Need to practice more however believe I have the tools needed to clear just about any malf.
    • Rifle –pistol transition - never done that before
    • It was clear safety was the top priority for the drills which made learning to execute much easier for me, much work for me to do here.
    • Shooting while moving to 3 and 9 – never done that before either
    • Shoulder/offhand transitions – another new thing. Need to work on usage of non-dominant eye to become more proficient.
    • Don provided some coaching and ideas to help me work on this
    • Distance shooting – first time I’ve fired at anything outside short distance.
    • Getting hits at 300 and 500yds was one heck of a confidence booster.

    • Instructors
    o Jon and Don did a great job conveying material in a sequential and logical manner.
    o Appropriate safety measures for the material were in place and observed by all present with support/reinforcement from instructors.
    o Questions were encouraged and asked for.
    o Care was taken to keep reminding us all to stay hydrated

    • Conclusion – Not that I don’t want to learn new things, but I will come back to this course again sometime in the future, that’s how valuable I thought it was.
    o Definitely worth the time, effort, and treasure to attend. I received what I paid for and then some.
    o I will actively recommend this course and other SI training to friends.

    Oh yeah, the lunch on Sunday was nice too….


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    It was great to see my regular guys and several new faces. As Don already pointed out, it made our jobs much easier that you all came prepared. As we've said for some time, the AR is much more reliable than people give it credit for and you guys proved it.
    Jon Payne
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    I choose to live a peaceful life. It's not hard to change my mind.

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