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    I recently had some Hakarl, was quite interesting
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    Quote Originally Posted by Greg Nichols View Post
    I've always wanted to club and eat a baby seal, dolphin, Bald Eagle (so I can taste freedom once before I die), and fried CA Condor.. Just think it would be nice to eat off of the endangered/protected list.
    I wanted to try Unicorn, once...

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    Quote Originally Posted by Mr. Anthony View Post

    That's disappointing; I've always assumed I'd like whale. I'll still try it if I get a shot at it.
    Maybe it was the type of whale (beluga), but not only was it bad, it stuck to your teeth like crazy. It was the flavor that wouldn't stop for quite some time.
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    Calamari doesn't count.

    Other than that, Rocky Mountain Oysters, and Haggis.

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