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    as a previous poster said, i think it is all relative.

    the ones that stick out in my mind are; fried crickets, raw lamb lightly mixed with some spices, and a type of middle east yogurt (not kefir) with a 3 day ferment.
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    Quote Originally Posted by UrbanTiger74 View Post
    Crab roe- With rice and patis(fish sauce) it's DAMN GOOD
    Crab fat- the yellow and green stuff...mixed in with the roe, rice and patis, GREAT!!!! These two combined = high cholesterol and high blood pressure. That's Flip food for ya.
    Escargot- I actually like my backyard friends in butter and garlic.
    Pusit- Tagalog for dried squid. With vinegar it rocks. Make it better, just add rice. LOL!!!! WARNING: The wife or gf will not kiss you for days. HAHAHAHAHAHAHA!!!!
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    I was 5 when I ate it and they didn't tell me about the gullet. BLEH!!!!!

    I also had this....balut...fermented duck egg. There are several versions(stages of growth actually) one can eat. Again I was 5 when I saw what it was. I didn't eat the duckling I just ate the yoke and drank the soup that was inside. LOL!!!!
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    Hot Vit Lon, good stuff. Had a "C" Team Green Beany come to our place once (Probably a Supply Sargeant), brand new starched Jungle Fatques. He was sitting at the bar drinking a Ba Muoi Ba, as me and one of the Bar Maids were sucking snails, you could tell he was getting grossed out. I told Ma Ma San to get some Hot Vit Lon, when she got them, I gave one to the old Boy and grabbed me one. Cracked the top off, lifted the flap covering the head and showed the Sarge, saying here's looking at you and took a big bite. Sarge got up, ran for the door. started puking about half way there, lol. He got on the next bird out

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    Quote Originally Posted by TrojanSkyCop1 View Post
    Damn, I never did get to eat camel while I was out there.
    Really? Hell, I can pick up camel in my local souk. It's not bad, but by the time it's reached Minnesota it's probably not the freshest...
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    Guinea pig in Peru is up there, but I'm sure I've eaten weirder stuff. I'm what people call an "adventurous eater". I'll say "just bring me whatever" in other countries, and it's usually good.

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    Hudskaar...putrified shark, wrapped in its own skin, and left to rot in a stone cairn downwind of the vllage...absolutely disgusting. Tastes like swampy catfish and a dirty cat box...wreaks of ammonia (which is what preserves it). A traditional Viking dish, which may explain their horrible attitude...just sayin'...
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    Default Re: Most Unusual Foods You've Eaten

    "Balut" in the Phillipines. That was quite a "treat".

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    Porpoise, caught accidentally and drowned in a cod net off a small fishing village in Newfoundland. Raw it was a dark red meat that looked like roast beef. Oven roasted it was almost black with the consistency and texture of beef that tasted like fish. A true shock to the senses.
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    Live goldfish. These: goldfish-care.jpg

    Not these: head-prd_goldfish.jpg
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    Escargot, calamari, cow brain and tongue, ostrich, warthog, impala, gator- I eat so much "weird stuff" I don't even remember it all. Willing to try almost anything at least once ;)
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    Crickets, grubworms, heart of palm, banana heart, shark, pine needles, smilax leaves and stalks, white pine bark (yes it's edible), dandelions (the roots make coffee!), Cattail roots/stalks (taste like potatoes), wild carrots (my favorite), Hemlock needles, Partridge berries, May Apples, Burdock, wild blackberries, wild black raspberries, wild blueberries, Velvet Bananas, Papaya salad (awesome), Breadfruit

    there's more but that's what I can think of right now...



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