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    Default Rifle Gun Fighting with Randy Harris - Crestview, FL 8/27-28/2011

    My family and I took the Rifle Gun Fighting Class with Randy Harris 8/27-28/2011 (Me, my wife and 17 yr. old step-son). We all enjoyed the class and learned some new skills. Randy is down to earth, easy to talk to and knowledgeable. The class started with basics to make sure everyone was up to speed/on the same page. Then we progressed to short drills that later came together into a longer sequence of drills and skills. For example, the transition from rifle to pistol skill was later part of the two man movement sequence drill with barricades, prone, kneeling and standing shooting. No one felt bored and no one felt left behind. A nice training/learning curve for the group. The weather was hot, but no one complained too much, because Hurricane Irene was moving up the east coast rather than thru Crestview. We'll take hot over hurricane anytime! Instructor Don Robison assisted Randy as needed. We had met Don before during a Close Range Gun Fighting class. And, like Randy, easy to talk to, helpful and knowledgeable. I've attached some photos from the class. We'll be back for more class with Suarez International in the future.

    Suarez Rifle Gunfighting 007 .jpgSuarez Rifle Gunfighting 006 .jpgSuarez Rifle Gunfighting 004 .jpgSuarez Rifle Gunfighting 009 .jpgSuarez Rifle Gunfighting 002 .jpg
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