Cooking is part of the finer things in life. I am sure there are quite a bit of foodies here. any awesome recipes to share? My custom pancit recipe from some far eastern relatives of mine.

Strip Steak Pancit Bihon Filipino Diaspora Style
By Jonathan Mallard
Makes for 4

8oz Pancit Bihon (Get the one with the lobster on the label)
1/2 Large Cabbage
2 Bellpeppers one red one green
1 Red Onion
1 bundle of Green Onions
1 cup of Mushrooms
2 Large Carrots
1 Garlic
1 tablespoon of Curry
1/4 cup of olive oil
Strip steak (use liberty here i can't quite remember the amount i bought)

1. Put pancit Bihon in hot water (DO NOT BOIL as it is hard on the noodles and makes them soggy)
2. Cut the cabbage in half removing the heart, then take one half of the cabbage and cut proximally into strips. Throw into Wok
3. Cut Bell peppers both sagittally and transversely making them into bite sized squares about 1x1cm each. throw into wok
4. do similarly to the onion. first removing removing the skin and cutting off both the basal plate and the tunic of the onion. throw into wok
5. Cut the Green onions transversely making about .5cm per cut. throw into wok
6. Cut mushrooms similarly but this time on the sagittal plane. throw into wok
7. Take the carrots and cut them first in half on the coronal plane. then into quarters then into eighths. take freshly cut carrots and cut transversely into 3cm segments. throw into wok.
8. removing skin from the bulb of garlic take each individual clove of garlic and remove the skin underneath. put into a blending device making into small bits of garlic. throw into wok
9. put approximately one tablespoon of curry into the wok.
10. Grill strip steak then cut into 1x3cm portions set aside
10. put olive oil into wok and stir fry your veggies.
11. combine steak and veggies and remove from heat.
12. taste pasta for the right consistency
13. Serve pasta and veggies separately. first serving pasta then veggie steak mixture.