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    Default 383 Magnum, Factory Purple Car, Convertible Challenger! Talk about regrets....

    1971 of many I should not have sold. What vehicles did you all sell and regret now?

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    1969 Dark Green Pontiac GTO, 400c.i., 4 speed Muncie trans. with no power accesories

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    Not one that I owned but rather one that I let get away without me getting to buy it.

    A friend had done a full restoration on a 69 Camaro that he wanted to give to his son. It was beautiful, and I'm not a Chevy guy. Turns out his son didn't want it (dumbass!) and my friend decided to sell it. He tells me he wants $3500 for it. I've got $2000 set aside at the time, around '92, and would have had to borrow the rest. No big deal right? A signature loan for $1500, very doable for me then. And then my wife shot me down. If I had known what was coming, I would have bucked her harder on it. She already had it in the works to leave me and didn't want to take on any debt with me. Smart of her I know but damn! I wanted that car.
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    My candle-apple red '67 Mustang, straight-6 200 coupe, automatic transmission, which I owned from 2001-2006, then sold when I got screwed ut of a promotion and had a shortage of cash. 2 months after I sold her, the USAF gave me a $65K severance package...20/20 frickin' hindsight.....
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    73 Volkswagen Super Beetle. No rust, heaters worked, interior had no rips, very clean car.

    Owned it about a year or more around 1983 to 1984, and for some reason I sold it. I got about $1800 for it... think it would be worth a bit more now.

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    '85 Jeep Scrambler with inline 6 with a nice 4 barrel gas guzzling carb. Darn thing caught fire and died gloriously on the South Las Vegas Strip. It died a warriors death, as during the fire, it somehow started up again and began to roll forward in first gear. Brought a tear to my eye. It was stick shift, so I don't know how the hell it put itself into first gear from neutral and worked the clutch.

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    Wow, you had to ask

    67 Plymouth GTX, 440 auto
    several 69 Dodge Darts, including an original 340 4 speed car and an original 383 car
    69 Dodge Coronet, 383 4 speed
    70 Dodge Challenger, 340 auto
    71 Dodge Charger R/T, 440 auto

    I made money on all of them, but I miss them.

    Somehow over the years I've managed to talk myself out of selling my two 68 Barracuda fastbacks. Those will go to the kids.

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    Only one I really regret selling was the 1975 FJ-40 Landcruiser I had. :(

    Some others I sort-of wish I still had:
    1951 Ford F-100 Panel Van
    1973 Dodge Challenger (it had a 383 Magnum (not original), 4-spd, black-on-black)
    1978 Pontiac Firebird

    And, seeing as how I just sold my 2000 Subaru Impreza on Friday, I will probably regret that one in about a year or two. :( I had posted it in the "rides" thread. I had converted it to right-hand-drive, and complete Japanese STi Version III RA spec (which, for you who do not speak Subaru means that it was factory stock motor-wise, and fast as a scalded pig. Like... it wasn't set up to drag-race and I was 3-car-lengths ahead of a new 550HP supercharged Shelby Mustang in an impromptu speed trial... the motor was stock, as was the close-ratio factory race transmission, but the suspension was full on race coil-overs, and it had the huge Brembos from the new STi. Man... I think maybe I do miss it now)
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    My restored 1969 AMX 390/Go Pack.
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    1967 Lime Gold Mustang, all power, 289 V8. My father bought it new and he sold it to me for my first car. I am still looking for that car to buy back.
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