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    Timely thread for me, as I just gave a ring to my girlfriend of three years. I figured if she is still in the hunt after that much time, she is a keeper. I have been divorced since 1992 and I was thinking I would never find the right never know when you will find the right one, but you will know it right away when you do!

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    I was thinking I would never find the right never know when you will find the right one, but you will know it right away when you do!
    That was me, too. It took me 55 years to find someone that I could put up with, who could also put up with me. She may not be perfect (I know for dang sure that I ain't!), but she's the best deal I could ever have hoped to find. She doesn't share some of my interests, but she doesn't complain about 'em, and that works both ways for us. She may lack some of the more physical Sackett Woman traits, but she has just about all of the important ones - more than any other woman that I ever got close to considering for a long-term relationship.
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    When you have found her, you know it from the begining. Found mine 18 years ago.

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    with the ability to protect herself and
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    Quote Originally Posted by M1A's r Best View Post
    Twice during the 34 years we've been married I have been in a situation where I did not know whether the other folks would be walking/driving home or getting carried off. Both times, when I was sure everything was going to be okay, I've turned around to find my wife standing there a few steps behind me with a pistol in her hands. When I asked her what she was doing with a the pistol her reply was that she was not going to allow anyone to hurt me and if they needed to be shot then she was willing to do that to keep me safe.

    That's all I need to know. Oh, I weigh more than 2X what she weighs and usually no one bothers me.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dave Sauer View Post
    A warrior wife has qualities that allow her warrior to be a warrior and keep his mind on the battle until it is won. He fights more fiercely, and more bravely and with more endurance because of her. And when he returns home, it is in her arms he feels most at peace.
    That sounds exactly like my wife...And yes, I am gonna keep her!

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    Proverbs 31 wife that's a shooter and has a nice big booty to keep me warm at night
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    mine is going to get asked the question in the near future i think. not only is she on par with the traits discussed, she is the only girl i have been with who came to me one night very troubled and asked me somthing so intimate i knew it would be her. "i want an AK but cant decide which one to get. Can you help me pick it out?" "yes, of course sweetheart. this is a catalogue from Arsenal Inc..."

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    Today is 11 years to the day that me and my wife started dating... Our five year anniversary is coming up next month... She is without a doubt the one God made for me... She is the opposite of me in all the right ways and let's me be.the warrior I have found I need to be... As long as I don't go crazy with the spending...

    For me good with money was important... I have always made.good money, always worked but i always spent a lot of it... She has helped us save up money... Which is just part of her genius...

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    My wife went to the range with me today. It is the first time in her life to EVER shoot a gun of any kind. She did very well for a first timer. She enjoyed it and wants to go back again. I knew I found a keeper. It just took way to long to get her to start shooting things.



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