The Suarez Method
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    I can't speak for everyone elses phones but mine does not allow it.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Texican_gal View Post
    Do you use that TapaTalk app? It's for mobile viewing. No, I don't use it but there are folks on here that use it and say it's great. I think it costs 3 bucks. I wonder if that would allow you to stay logged in?

    FWIW, I seem to stay automatically logged in on WT on my laptop. I just start to type in the WT URL and it automatically takes me to the thing I have clicked on the most, which is "Show new posts."
    I may have to try it. At this point I do not have the app. And I am not the most tech savy guy on the planet. But thanks I will look in to it.

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    Tapatalk has apps for different phones, it really can help because it formats it to look as good as possible on a small screen.

    The Remember Me check is basically a cookie and would apply to the same computer. These days you can get browsers to avoid deleting certain cookies when the cache is cleared.

    Otherwise, the private may or may not be permanent if I can find some other ways to entice people in.

    Some of you guys think it's fun to grab 50 pounds of gear and go running outdoors into the mud for drills in the rain, but darn it logging in on a website is so freaking bothersome!

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    SomethingEZ, here it is: Works for Android and iPhone and I would hope the others ....

    Access to 10,000+ forums
    Multiple Forum Accounts
    Facebook Integration
    One-click Widget support
    iPhone 4 Optimized
    Unread and Participated Topics
    Topic Subscription w/ Notification!
    Online Users Display
    Create / Reply / Edit Topics
    Private Messaging w/ Notification!
    Attach / Download Images

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    Quote Originally Posted by ZackW View Post
    ....Some of you guys think it's fun to grab 50 pounds of gear and go running outdoors into the mud for drills in the rain, but darn it logging in on a website is so freaking bothersome!
    uh, ..yeah.. damned mutants!

    Chuck Brick.
    GFT - Thank you, Gabe.
    "Cogito, ergo armatum sum: I think, therefore I am armed."
    - Anonymous
    "War is a dirty thing. But just because it is dirty is no excuse for us to be weak."

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    There isn't anything private about the internet anyway. However, it is a great idea to make people register. Perhaps some of the conversations we have here aren't appropriate for minors?

    Just one example.

    In anycase since it's none of my business, I just sign in.

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    I don't mind signing in. It makes me feel like a..................MUTANT PIRATE!

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    I never log out.
    "It's what people know about themselves inside that makes them afraid"- High Plains Drifter

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    It only took one or two visits as a lurker for me to decide that I had found my new home.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabe Suarez View Post
    Texican Gal, the word was "mutants" in reference to our physical training and shooting habits.
    Whatever happened to the mutant t-shirts that had been discussed at one point?

    IIRC, the drawing that was made of the "mutant" was pretty cool.

    "Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so too." Voltaire

    "A mile-long rationalization of one's good intentions will not obscure or excuse an inch of violation." Tom Sotis

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