Kalashnikov Training in 2015
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    Default Regional Training Groups

    Regional Training Groups are an effort to offer Suarez International Alumni the opportunity to continue their education with Suarez International Alumni in their area.

    Each Regional Training Group, to be allowed at Warrior Talk, MUST BE ADMINISTERED BY A SUAREZ INTERNATIONAL STAFF INSTRUCTOR. We will neither recognize nor authorize the posting of any training unless there is a direct connection to a staff instructor.

    If there is no Staff Instructor in your area and you want to establish a training group, it is easy. Host a class for them to come out and deliver the training. Yes...it takes money and it is not free. You want free go to the soup kitchen at the Salvation Army.

    Regional Training Groups will only be recognized and authorized at WT if they are comprised of SI Alumni. If someone wants to join a training group, it is easy...come to a class...or the class the host puts on, and you are in like Fynn. Otherwise...too bad.

    So there it is boys.

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    Posted on every thread there not begun by a SI Staffer. Ball is your courts gents.

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    Rather than open up a new thread, I'll tag onto this one.

    I want to reiterate that all training groups must be administered by a Suarez International Instructor (under contract and with active insurance). That means instructor candidates, guys thinking about becoming an instructor candidate, advanced students, or Honey Badgers are not authorized to start training groups.

    The first step is to contact a regional instructor. For instance, if you live near Phoenix, you contact Doug Little. If there is no one locally, contact me here. I'll put you in touch with the closest person.

    From now on if a member posts about a training group that has not lined up an instructor to run it, that thread will be deleted.

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    Hey guys does this apply to affiliates also? Can we start/administer group for that training we are certified to train with other Suarez alumni? In my case CRG 1/CRG 2/FoF?

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    2015 Training Schedule:

    CRG-1: Pistol Gunfighting February 21st (One Day Intensive Class)

    CRG-2: Close Range Gunfighting April 18th & 19th

    CRG-2: Close Range Gunfighting April 25th & 26th Stanton TX (Midland/Odessa Area)

    CRG-4: Force on Force Gunfighting (TBD)


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