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I really enjoyed the opportunity to train with the NGRTG on Saturday. Rick is the third SI instructor I have had the opportunity to train with. All have been top notch.
There were a few things that Saturday showed me:

• Training is perishable. If you don’t practice, you will lose your skills. That said, much of it does come back fairly quickly in a one day refresher like this.
• Different instructors approach things differently. The more instructors that you train with, the more potential tools you will be exposed to and have the opportunity to add to your tool box.
• Never pass up on a training opportunity when the student to teacher ratio is 4:1.
• If you’re not training in adverse conditions, you’re just fooling yourself. We had 90F on Saturday afternoon and it made things harder - and better.
• I need to practice one handed reloads more.

Thanks Steve - it was a warm day but those that came out enjoyed the training, the food and the fellowship. I think one of the biggest issues of the day was dehydration but everyone keep hydrated with no issue regarding gun-handling skills. The day was organized as a rifle tune-up class although we spent the majority of the time working on just two skill sets: transitions and reloading. We reviewed several carry and ready positions and incorporated those into the training. The most challenging aspect of the training was the one-handed reloads. We ran several options dry first and then proceeded with live-fire drills.

After most previous training events, the group gets together for dinner although with several having a long drive, we elected to just find the closest watering hole, cool our core temps a little and get on the road.

Thanks again for those that made it out for the day. The next scheduled training day for the NGRTG is September 10th.