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    You got me, I am a sloucher...hopefully not a slacker. I am just sort of shaped like a board and there is more space to tuck in the pistol in the curve of the hip/back.

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    Quote Originally Posted by draken View Post
    Wow... This thread inspired me to try AIWB...

    I don't have a big belly but I do have one and I thought that it will prevent me from carry AIWB... I was wrong.

    Yesterday, I took my MTAC and started playing with cant, height and position and finally found the sweet spot at 1:30, zero cant and about 1 finger between grip and belt. That particular area of my anatomy still needs some roughing but it comfortable and I conceal there better than at my usual position with the same holster (3:30).... Even my wife asked why I wasn't carrying!!!

    Thanks guys!
    I tried that method also with CBST and my MTAC and now am ready for an OST AIWB holster, it definitely worked out better for me than carrying at 3:30 or 4 o'clock.

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    Quote Originally Posted by ERN View Post
    Newb question: I don't have a belly at all. I just find the pistol much harder to conceal at AIWB as opposed to 4 oclock. The shirt hangs loosely over the pistol at the 4 oclock position, and the grip is clearly visible AIWB. I thought it had to do with my skinny shape and lack of MASSIVE pectoral muscles.

    Any tips?
    Looking down at yourself, the gun usually appears to print much more than it does to another observer.

    And I've noticed that many people think the gun hides better at 4:00 than it actually does because they can't see it.

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    Not to highjack this thread, but has Dale done any work on a holster that causes the butt of the pistol to rotate into your belly ?
    I've noticed a number of makers are doing this now with an AIWB. I was doing it naturally with a bladetech back in the day by putting a piece of rubber between the holster and my belt. Now I use an ArchAngel, and like it. Still, I wish there was a provision to add "something" (an extra piece of kydex on to the AA) to make the butt rotate back into your body.

    I am naturally thin, and slouchy. So I do have some issues. Concealment issues that is.

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    Found it.

    Note the extra tab of leather that tucks the butt of the gun closer to your side. I prefer kydex, however, at this point in my life.

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    I have this same concern. 6'2", 240. I spend most days driving a supply boat, which is a sedentary job. This combined with poor diet choices has left more ballast up front than i would like. So, i ordered a phantom for my g17, to try out aiwb. Also ordered both Combat fit dvds. We shall see.

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    I carry as far forward/close to AIWB as I can until hopefully someday i can do it painlessly. right now, I carry a 26 comfortably at about 2 o clock. Better than 4 o clock!

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    The Butt Tuck Adapter is almost ready!
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    Looking forward to hearing more about the Adapter....I think I have a few of them sold as soon as they come out.

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    Dale, the BTA (too long to spell out again and again and it looks a bit...strange) - how much do you think that will tilt in the butt of say a G19? I would like to carry a G19 but at 5'11" #150 30-31 inch waist the butt is WAY out there so I'm carrying a G26 right now...

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