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    Jun 2008
    SLO area is great for me too. Im in Bakersfield, so just a short drive down blood alley.

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    Mar 2008
    Los Angeles, CA
    Very disappointing that I spot these so late. I would definitely be interested if you guys ever decide to meet up. I live in LA but am willing to travel for friends and fellow SI type minded folks.
    - Erik

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    Late to the party, but I'm in San Diego. I go to Bakersfield and Palmdale often for trackdays with my motorcycles so I'm familiar with the areas and the driving.

    No training yet, I missed the basic/first pistol class in LA earlier this year, sadly.

    I've been lurking here for a couple years now and it would be nice to get together with likeminded folks. My friends talk of it (professional paid-for training), but we never do it...

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    Uli Gebhard Guest
    Maybe the time is right to give a training group another shot (pun intended).

    I'd be happy to coordinate a get-together/range day in either Los Angeles or Bakersfield.

    Lou and others with ties to SLO... let me know what you have available in terms of a location. If we have someone on-site who can pre-arrange things I wouldn't mind making the trip.

    Also, we will have a knife training group starting later this year in Redlands

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    I'm interested in an LA/Bakersfield meet. It would be nice to have some people to at least run some airsoft drills with.

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    Uli Gebhard Guest
    Let me get through the next class or two and we'll set something up.


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    I can make it to Los Angeles. It would be great training with SI again.

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    Hermosa Beach, CA
    me and my wife are still interested as well -
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    hermosabeach Guest
    One more from Los Angeles checking in

    I think my user name gives my location away

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    Dusting off an old thread here....

    Seeing if there are any get togethers in the Southern California area or any interest in getting some going. Haven't taken any SI courses at this time and watching for CRG-1 offering in CA or AZ, but nothing yet. So even of you wouldn't want me on the range for live fire I would like to observe if possible just to get an idea of what I'm in for when I can get signed up.

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