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    Default 357 Mag ammo selection for LCR

    I recently purchased a Ruger LCR 357 Mag. I am seeking a carry load for typical self defense roles and also against smaller animal predators (no larger than wild dog or coyote), as I live in a rural area. I have found it difficult to locate quality ammo in this caliber, but I just did not want another 38. I have the following factory 357 rounds on my shelf: 125 grain Black Hills JHP (loaded with XTP bullet), Remington Express 180 grain SJHP, and Speer Gold Dot 158 JHP. I know some 125 JHP's in 357 have been shallow penetrators. Would this Black Hills load penetrate deeper because of the XTP bullet? Is the 180 Remington too heavy? Any thoughts are welcomed. As an aside, the LCR shoots great in this caliber. I have owned 2 other LCR's in 38, and I thought recoil was worse with +P 38 ammo in the lighter frame than the 357 loads I have shot in the 17 ounce 357 model.

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    Full power 125 grain JHP loads have the best reputation for being man stoppers in the .357 Magnum. However, I know from personal experience with a Ruger Security Six snubby that firing such a load from a short barrel will yield a muzzle blast that will start your ears ringing even though wearing hearing protection, and a fireball for a muzzle flash that will almost blind you in broad daylight. Enjoy the ride.
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    running corbon 110gr 38s in my 357 snubbie right now until I can find some 125gr corbon in 357.

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    If you don't mind running a .38, Cor Bon 110gr DPX, Speer 135gr +p, or Winchester 130gr. +p pdx1. If you must run magnums, Cor Bon DPX or Speer Short Barrel loading.

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    Fed 140 Barnes Expander out my 4" Python were a step and a half up from a 9mm (maybe going overboard, especially for a plastic 5 shot snub), but a step down from other .357 I've fired thru life. Still nothing you want to touch off in the dark

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    I had a 3" GP 100 and 125 gr jhp will light up your life. The thing you want to ask yourself is, can you handle the recoil well enough for quick follow-up shots? An SP 101 is fairly beefy for a 5 shot revolver so you should do OK.

    The Wal-Mart in this area usually has some Remington 125 gr in .357 mag at a decent price

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    Quote Originally Posted by Clint B View Post
    running corbon 110gr 38s in my 357 snubbie right now until I can find some 125gr corbon in 357.
    Actually that's a really good choice. Ive been working several weeks on a murder involving 110gr jhp .357 magnum fired from a 2" gun and penetration was very good and the result was quick, witnesses stated the good guy went down as soon as he was hit. The product used is not available in the US, it is from Aguilla but Corbon loads better quality of product then Aguilla so I would be quite happy with the 110 in a snub.
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    Theres a few choices good for LCR .357 , first choice would be Hornady 158 gr XTP those sumbitches can kick like a mule but they hit the BG like a freight train. The next choice is Hornady 125 gr XTP they snap hard but darn it wont get any better then that out of a 1-7/8" barrel, then third choice which im using now is Winchester 110 gr jhp and Remington 110 gr SJHP, i have a box of all four choices and shot them i prefer 110 gr, why? Cuz they almost all go the same fps out of short LCR barrel i need 100 percent expansion which will happen in 110 grainers, if u want more oomph use the 158 gr XTP they can shoot thru barriers and still have enough energy to get the job done!

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    Underwood Ammo has a nice selection of performance loads for the 38 spl and the 357 magnum.

    I carry an SP101 3" and an LCR 38 as a secondary. Tried the 357 LCR with mag loads and it was just too much for me to control in that weight revolver. Hot 38 +P loads in the slightly lighter LCR 38 are pretty much my limit.

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