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    I would opt for the 135 gr. speer short barrel load.

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    Quote Originally Posted by TXDMERC73 View Post
    I been looking for chronograph results out of Ruger LCR .357 magnum on the inter web, I found close to nothing... Does anyone on here have a chrony and a .357 LCR to get fps? If not guess I'll have to buy a chronograph ,my LCR is gonna be my EDC for a long time.

    Here you go

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    This is what I use in a SW 340 M&P .357. Pushes speed moderately w/ reduced recoil/flash. In .38+P I use the 135 short barrel load.

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    Heheh my .357 LCR and Winchester 110gr jhp im comfortable carrying those rounds and ease of shooting and practice.

    Ag first i felt winchesters 110gr coukdnt get the job done but now im confident it will.

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    I carry both to help with my confidence G19 at 5 oclock position and LCR at 1 oclock front. Or ill carry LCR in ankle holster and G19 at 5 oclock IWB.


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    Underwood Ammo has a nice selection of performance loads for the 38 spl and the 357 magnum.
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    I feel more comfortable carrying the Hornady 158 gr XTP i want extreme penetration but im worried about the expansion out of a tiny 1-7/8" barrel, the 110 gr only penetrate 9 inches which is very poor, i also bought a box of remington 125 gr sjhp but man they kick harder then the 158 gr! Now im stuck with alot of barn burning .357 loads!

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