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    Default Shooting Someone in the Back??? Justifiable?? When?

    To piggyback onto Gabe's Killing of Sacred Cow's

    The old code of the West of never shooting someone in the back...
    When is it okay.... when is it not?

    While the LE community hates to Monday morning quarterback dead officers....Let's learn from others mistakes

    The rules will differ a bit for LE and armed citizen, but it's something we should explore.

    Personal experience here in Northern NV, a sister agency Sparks PD has a report of an armed robbery with shots fired during the evening of a winter day. It is quickly turning dusk.

    As officers arrive in the area, an officer in his cruiser observes a possible suspect walking approx. one block from the crime scene. As he puts the spotlight on the suspect, suspect turns and fires a shot at the police cruiser, hitting the windshield and striking the headrest just missing the officer. Officer throws the vehicle in parks and quickly engages suspect with return fire WITHOUT effect.

    Suspect begins to walk away, at a quick paced walk and then a small jog, officer attempts to leapfrog from vehicle to vehicle, continuing to yell commands, but is now losing sight of the suspect due to fading light.... many other officers are responding to the area to assist..

    Suspect has posed a deadly threat and then turns and walks/jogs away...
    Can you continue to engage him with deadly force?

    Can you articulate the threat continues?

    I will finish the story after some feedback..
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    The old code of the West of never shooting someone in the back..
    Most of the shootings involved shooting one another in the back, deception and aggression - just like modern day criminals, Hollywood created the showdown myth

    To respond to the cop situation - if I somebody shot at me then ran with gun in hand - I continue to shoot, I can articulate that he was "running to cover so that he could re engage me"

    EDITED TO ADD: If I'm a civilian I'm waving goodbye . . . my right to defense ends when I no longer have imminent fear of life/serious injury . .. I missed part of the OP saying it also was a civilian thing
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    As a police officer during my time, I would have no problem shooting this guy in the back as he jogs away. As a civilian I would wave good bye.

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    In my state:

    If you are a peace officer, you're covered under RCW 9A.16.040:

    (1) Homicide or the use of deadly force is justifiable in the following cases:

    (c) When necessarily used by a peace officer or person acting under the officer's command and in the officer's aid:

    (i) To arrest or apprehend a person who the officer reasonably believes has committed, has attempted to commit, is committing, or is attempting to commit a felony;


    (2) In considering whether to use deadly force under subsection (1)(c) of this section, to arrest or apprehend any person for the commission of any crime, the peace officer must have probable cause to believe that the suspect, if not apprehended, poses a threat of serious physical harm to the officer or a threat of serious physical harm to others. Among the circumstances which may be considered by peace officers as a "threat of serious physical harm" are the following:

    (a) The suspect threatens a peace officer with a weapon or displays a weapon in a manner that could reasonably be construed as threatening; or

    (b) There is probable cause to believe that the suspect has committed any crime involving the infliction or threatened infliction of serious physical harm.

    Under these circumstances deadly force may also be used if necessary to prevent escape from the officer, where, if feasible, some warning is given.

    "The legislature recognizes that RCW 9A.16.040 establishes a dual standard with respect to the use of deadly force by peace officers and private citizens, and further recognizes that private citizens' permissible use of deadly force under the authority of RCW 9.01.200, 9A.16.020, or 9A.16.050 is not restricted and remains broader than the limitations imposed on peace officers."
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    This actually sounds like a fleeing felon scenario to me.

    Deadly force may be used to prevent the escape of a fleeing subject if there is probable cause to believe: (1) the subject has committed a felony involving the infliction or threatened infliction of serious physical injury or death, and (2) the escape of the subject would pose an imminent danger of death or serious physical injury to the officer or to another person.
    The above policy is Tennessee v. Garner compliant. It does not matter what any state law/department policy says regarding use of force on a fleeing felon by a LEO. To be protected the use of deadly force on a fleeing felon by a LEO must be Garner v. Tennesse compliant.

    If I remember correctly failure to comply with Tennessee v. Garner could subject an officer to 18 USC 242 prosecution.

    18 USC 242 only applies to those acting under color of law, which would not be applicable to a citizen.

    The question in regards to those required to adhere to the above policy becomes can one articulate both 1) and 2)?

    1) is easy.
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    The cop certainly seems justified to me. This guy needs to be drilled in the back. If he has been shooting at the cop and is still armed he's sure going to shoot some citizen he rolls up on.

    As a CCW, obviously, I couldn't justify shooting this guy. But one situation that I would absolutely take a shot at someone's back would be if he was in my house at 0300 going through my stuff. I would assume that he means me and my family ill intent so he would get ventilated back, front, or sideways.
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    Does the person remain a threat to you or someone else? Do you fear for your life and safety? If so, you are justified. If not, you are not.
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    How do you know the suspect is leaving? Maybe he is just flanking you by going around the building. He has demonstrated his intent. Kill him if you can.
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    Shooting somebody in the back?

    Justifiable? - Preferable IMHO. - Means my flanking action was a success, or I had the BG by surprise!

    When? - Whenever possible of course.

    Local laws and 'Nike Withdrawel' possibilities to be considered of course.

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    I have shot two bad guys in the back.

    One was after my partner yelledfor him to put his hands up and the bad guy's Beretta went into battery and he began turning. At the shift of the shoulders, I blasted him.

    Another was a bad guy running away shooting a Glock 21. I maneuvered away from his turn (pre-CRG material but nonetheless a get off the x type of move) and blasted him. This last one was at a dead run, at night at LAPD's Parker Center's civilian parking lot.

    Anyone with issues about back shooting, shooting women...even shooting so called "kids" when necessary has been watching too much John Wayne.
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