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    Quote Originally Posted by 98 Joes View Post
    Reading President Bush's Decision Points
    Finished that one right before Christmas. Interesting read.

    My son got me the Centennial Edition of Casino Royale for Christmas and I burned through it in about a day. I've wanted to read the original Ian Fleming texts for years, as I'm a big fan of the films. This one got me started.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Gary Hartzell View Post
    I usually have 2-3 books going at any one time.
    I'm a lot like you.

    Am reading Defend the Realm (851 pages before appendices)

    I spend quite a bit of time reviewing other documents and reports. Last week I proofread a 45-page report on the "American Patriot Movement." I get a lot of these types of requests...
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    The World's Assault Rifles, my 1228 page Christmas present. It's awesome.

    I'm also reading a 1957 book called Below the Salt which may be about time travel, not exactly sure yet even 60 pages into it.
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    Quote Originally Posted by baznmel View Post
    Total recreational reading:

    Dead or Alive, Tom Clancy's first in ten years or so. A tad more than 400 pages in, so that puts me about half way. I'd planned to have it done in time to give to my son in law for Christmas since a new charactor is in the 75th Ranger Regiment, but I didn't make it. Maybe for new years...
    Ditto got the same book...950 pages...I'm at 545...pretty good read...

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    The Anti-Christ and the Second Coming - Duncan McKenzie
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    Quote Originally Posted by Prairie Fire View Post
    I don't think that Janet would approve of it, much.
    Thanks for the recommendation.

    Right now, couple of a large stack of VN-era accounts (at moment A-23 and very early SF presence in IV Corps down by Tan Phu by Leigh Wade, time from when Nick Rowe was captured). Just finished 12th Imam, novel I find anti-climactic given some other knowledge I have. Finally, the ever-present bedside Physics & Philosophy by Heisenberg - and boning up for an FCC exam next month... typical winter in Das Nortland.

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    Was just thinking more about this and I realized I am actually reading more than one book at a time. Been reading Broke and just started The Overton Window by Beck (also read a couple chapters of The Christmas Sweater).

    And I've been reading some of the Anti-Federalist Papers.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 98 Joes View Post
    Reading President Bush's Decision Points
    Same here. I have it on my Christmas present Kindle.
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    2nd Read:

    "Consent to kill." by Vince flynn

    A big fan of Vinces books!

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    Hero of the Pacific: The Life of Marine Legend John Basilone by James Brady
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