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    Default What book are you reading right now?

    Total recreational reading:

    Dead or Alive, Tom Clancy's first in ten years or so. A tad more than 400 pages in, so that puts me about half way. I'd planned to have it done in time to give to my son in law for Christmas since a new charactor is in the 75th Ranger Regiment, but I didn't make it. Maybe for new years...
    "Lord, Cover Me in the Day of War"

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    Clive Cussler's Flood Tide
    From Havoc, by Jack Du Brul, in a scene during an attack by an elite, evil force: "Do you have any weapons?" "G--d--n right I do. I'm an American, ain't I?"

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    Reading President Bush's Decision Points
    Si Vis Pacem, Para Bellum

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    Quote Originally Posted by 98 Joes View Post
    Reading President Bush's Decision Points
    Finished that one right before Christmas. Interesting read.

    My son got me the Centennial Edition of Casino Royale for Christmas and I burned through it in about a day. I've wanted to read the original Ian Fleming texts for years, as I'm a big fan of the films. This one got me started.
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    Quote Originally Posted by 98 Joes View Post
    Reading President Bush's Decision Points
    Same here. I have it on my Christmas present Kindle.
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    I usually have 2-3 books going at any one time.

    bathroom reader.... Lonesome Dove fo the umpteenth time.

    Bedside Book Guriella Snipe by Sua Sponte

    Car Book A Pirate Looks at 40 by Jimmy Buffett.
    I carry two kinds of trauma kits. One for fixing it and one for causing it.

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    on killing by david grossman

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    I'm reading C.S. Forester's The General. It was written in 1936 and is one of the few non-nautical books by Forester. I read the Hornblower books when I was in Vietnam back in the day and loved Forester's work.

    My wife got it for me at the MCX for Christmas.

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    I'm currently just re-reading a few fiction favorites of mine (Vampire Earth series, very well written horror to me), and keeping up with the 200+ blogs I subscribe to in my RSS reader. I'm looking to get one of the new tablets soon which'll help me keep up with the current space considerations I have in my library.

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    Fry the Brain. For the fourth time.


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