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    I recently killed the battery in my RMR. I'd been taking it off at night and leaving it lay on my night stand under my lamp. I've left the lamp on a lot of late, I just wasn't thinking... Sure enough I checked it before putting it back on one day and it was completely dead. It was getting close to a year anyway, but I'm sure the excessive light killed it. I still lay it there, now I just cover it. After replacing the battery I checked zero, and it was right on.
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    For what it's worth, I had Suarez International install a Trijicon RMR about a year and ten months ago. The only time the site was turned off is on occasions when I was going to be in Europe for a couple of days (three times for a total of 8 days). It is still going strong and the only reason I am considering changing the battery is because I've seen what happens to electronics when old batteries start leaking, even though they are putting out power.
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    I have an rmr that lasted about 2 years on one battery and just flaked on me so I bought another battery. It totally depends on the brightness of the dot as well during use. I have an adjustable dot and turn it up during the day and lower at night which helps with battery life too. I think safe thinking is to replace the battery with a good brand battery every year and it should do fine. If you have flickering issues, Gabe has a how to on what to do for that if it’s on a slide, which I’ve done and works like a charm, but dimming I think needs to be sent back to Trijicon for work to at least have them look at it.
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