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    Kind of fun to go back and read through the thread, first CF that I could call my own was an old Winchester 95 in 06, the first CF I was allowed to use any time I could was grandma's 50-70 carbine she kept by the back door
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    Yugoslavian SKS. Needed something to shoot coyotes with and bought it new for about $150 in 2003-ish. Cleaning that cosmoline off of it sucked...but it shoots good and killed a lot of coyotes.

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    Remington 788 in 22-250. Great shooting rifle. Still have it.
    M. Goffinet

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    The first one I bought was a Ruger Mini 14. It wouldn't
    group in a 30 day chamber pot. I took it back to the
    FFL & traded it in on my first AR (Bushmaster), which
    I still have some 30 years later.

    Dang. I'm 56 today! Ha!
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    Happy birthday!
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    First was a bring back k98. First I bought was a 24-47 to save wear and tear on the k98.

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    "Play stupid games, win stupid prizes" Alan Temby
    "Give a man a mask and he will tell you the truth"- Oscar Wilde.

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    First I used was a 35 Rem 336 Marlin to draw blood. First purchased was a 30 Carbine from a vet that needed some money. (I was 14-15 at the time). First pistol was a Ruger single six, 22 LR for $25. Then Uncle “gave” me a M14.

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    My father was neither a hunter nor a warrior. Not all of them are. I fell into my calling I expect, in the same way that a lion cub realizes he cannot live on salads. As soon as I was of the suitable age and had my own money, I bought a S&W Model 10 Revolver for the princely sum of $129.99. And I paid for it in cash and with enough change that the cashier made a face. Soon after that I bought a Marlin 336 in 30-30 for slight more $159.99. My path was selected in life to the holy-water sprinkling horror of my parents. Within three years after that I was in the process of hiring for LA County Sheriff's.

    First pistol I drew blood with was the 5906 I pictured here before...and I may use that in a class this year because why not.

    First rifle I drew blood with was actually an SMG...the MP5.

    And by now everyone knows my affinity for the Remington 870 with which I accounted for the bulk of my score.
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    My first center fire rifle was a WWII issue M1 Garand. My father bought it for me as a Christmas gift at age 17 or so.

    My dad wasn't really a "gun guy", and didn't really instill a warrior ethos in me, just wasn't his thing, but he and my mom didn't have any ethical objections to firearm ownership.

    I think the next firearms I recall in our home were my grandfather's. My grandfather owned a variety of firearms. I didn't have a close relationship with him and in retrospect I wish I did. I believe we would have gotten along quite well He died of a heart attack at a relatively young age and left a single shot shotgun to me (itself being an heirloom from his father), his 1911 (Para Ordinance frame with Colt slide), and a tube fed Marlin .22 with a stock he hand finished. He gave my father a .38 revolver.

    My dad later purchased a Sig Sauer p232 .380 pistol. A gorgeous gun, but a tad big for its class.

    I was probably 18 when I bought my next firearm, an old SKS with fixed magazine and a folding bayonet, from a co-worker. I think I paid $75 or something. At age 21 I traded that plus cash for a Springfield XD - the original model - and went through my CCW class.

    Probably more than you wanted to know but there it is.

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