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    Thumbs up Close Range Gunfighting (Knob creek gun range)

    Just attended a Close Range Gunfighting class at Knob Creek Gun Range in KY. with Randy Harris as the instructor. This class was excellent from several stand points, the range was perfect for this type of training which I knew it would be I have trained there many times. The class content was presented in professional manner as where all levels of experienced shooters could understand and learn from. I have taken two classes from Randy and have found this to be so on both occasion. This class concecpt will take you from a square range mentality and introduce you to the octagon real world training concept. This class will help you combine the concecpts of fighting and gunfighting together,hence taking you from the sqaure range and putting you in the octagon range. I discoverd many areas that I need to work on in the future and now have more tools to help me suceed in doing so. I have nothing negative to add. I will be signing up for more classes in the future.

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    Thanks Gunny. This class can be a bit of a culture shock to students when prior training is very "range" oriented. This was an excellent group to work with and in fact, so much so that the cold didn't really bother me. Everyone was highly motivated and largely had their stuff together before they arrived. I just polish the diamond.

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    Yeah, This class was just as good as the class in that other thread...
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