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    Default Michael Janich Seminar in Milwaukee 20-21 Nov 2010

    Just a reminder that I'll be teaching in Milwaukee this coming weekend. The course was full, but I learned yesterday that several police officers had to withdraw because they got tapped for duty, so there are still slots left. Here are the details:

    20-21 November 2010, Milwaukee, Wisconsin Counter-Blade Concepts/Martial Blade Concepts Seminar
    In this two-day seminar, Michael Janich will present detailed instruction in his acclaimed Counter-Blade Concepts (CBC) system of empty-hand defense against edged-weapon attacks, as well as the critical skills of using a knife as a defensive weapon (Martial Blade Concepts/MBC). This hands-on seminar will include detailed analysis of actual knife attacks, identification of the common characteristics of such attacks, and the critical principles and skills necessary to maximize your chances of survival in such situations. Students will also learn the realities and tactics of stopping an attacker with a street-legal folding knife, including the practical use of a knife as a handgun-retention tool. In addition to specific instruction in these topics, students will learn to identify and develop the body mechanics, leverages, patterns of motion, and reactive principles that serve as "common ground" to all of these skill sets. This integrated approach enables students to develop practical, usable, and highly retainable skills in a very short time and allows them to easily adapt these skills to different weapons and circumstances.

    This course will be held at 3974 South 27th Street, Milwaukee, WI 53221. Tuition is $200.00 for law enforcement officers and $225.00 for civilians. To register, please contact Jeff Gierczak at 262-391-7755 or Enrollment is limited.

    Stay safe,


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    Great opportunity with the spots opening up. Fortunate to attend the recent Winchester, VA MBC Seminar beginning of the month. Mike presents eye opening material......

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