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    Replace Bushmaster with US Gov bean counters and ACR with M16. The problems with the M16 weren't Colt's, they were directly the responsibility of the people that refused to use the type of powder specified by Gene Stoner, and refusal to issue cleaning kits because Stoner said the GAS SYSTEM was self-cleaning and they figured that meant the whole weapon was.

    Bushmaster jumped the gun and humped the bunk. Reason? They hyped it up so much, then ran into so many delays they probably felt it was better to take the chance and release it and hope there were no major problems. They gambled on that and they lost. In hindsight, what they SHOULD have done, is not even announce it until it was in beta testing. Then they'd have a whole "development cycle" to iron out the bugs, rather than be in a rush.
    Nope, there was more than just the powder problem at work there. The AR had multiple problem that were worked out over time....the same as you will see with the ACR. I love the internet for just what is happening here....a pile on, I guess the next thing I'll hear is how this is the only Gun/car/etc company to have teething problems with their initial release. My point was, this has happened before and will happen again.

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    Wow, the ATF could arrest thousands for having full auto rifles.....defects don't seem to matter with them.

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    The M16 was originally designed as a replacement for the M1 carbine, then got pressed into service as a general issue rifle. The bean counters didn't chrome line the bores or chambers, the ARMY used the wrong powder [which not only gummed it up, but caused it to try to cycle too fast, hence the need for heavier buffers, etc etc etc], and of course they misudnerstood the "self cleaning" thing so they didn't issue cleaning kits.
    The Stoner/Sullivan design worked the way it was supposed to. The bean counters didn't make the neccesary additions to take it from prototype to prime time and it cost lives.
    Fortunately it doesn't look like the Bushmaster issue is THAT bad, but having a rifle go FA on you like that is a MAJOR design flaw. As a tinkerer, I would like to see what they changed from the Masada, to the ACR and what part is failing that is causing this issue.
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