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Thread: Words fail.

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    Default Words fail.

    An armed security guard at an IRS office in Toledo, Ohio points gun at a Lucas county deputy sheriff in uniform. Stupidity can come in waves, as another IRS employee calls 911 with a MWAG report, failing to mention that the man is a uniformed police officer:


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    I'd likely have shot the son of a bitch. And arrested the bastard who lied on the phone.
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    There are some secure federal installations where commissioned officers are to check their guns into a lock box, but the public offices of the IRS i would not think so qualifies, but I certainly do not know what goes there. I had a job once for lead cleanup at the beltsville secret service training place and there were lock boxes for guns of armed personnel. This is a secure facility outside of DC.
    What is equally alarming is that the caller does not identify the armed person as being a fully uniformed police officer. I am wondering if that is the policy of the IRS since not only the security guard, but the caller were obviously in agreement.
    Obviously that security guard is in the wrong line of business and should spend less time at the donut shop.
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