Thank you Randy for a great class. It was my first SI class and all I hoped it would be. Great bunch of guys in class, too. In additon to all the practice and info given (you should take good notes, btw), experiencing the FOF environment helped me sort out some of the uncertainties I had rolling around in my mind. Actually, nobody even mentioned any of these things. Guess it was just something I needed personally.

1. A "mouse gun" really doesn't cut it unless there isn't ANY other way to carry one. Gonna find a way to carry a bigger weapon.
2. My wife needs this kind of training, too. Possibly worse than me.
3. Her J-frame isn't adequate. Looking for a good auto she can actually use.
4. A good light is much more valuable than I realized.

I had been doing drills with my Airsoft but now I can make it more effective.

Thanks again for a professionally-done class. Hope to see you again somewhere when time & funds allow.:)