the name I have given for the complex that Randy Couture calls his grappling complex. His is done with a 45# bar with 25# on each end totaling 95#. I basterdized it for the kettlebell and it goes as follows:

bent over row, 8 reps each arm
high pull, 8 reps each arm
military press, 8 reps each arm
split squat with kettlebell locked out over head, 8 reps each side
good morning with kettlebell behind neck, 8 reps
squat to push press with kettlebell cleaned, 8 reps each arm
1 legged romainian deadlift with kb in opposite hand, 8 reps each leg

I got 3 circuits in 9 minutes and had to stop when my kids woke up...and I think it was devine intervention. Very jellylegged now. This is an a$$ kicker and Randy does 5-8 circuits with a minute between if I recall correctly. I will keep this one in the rotation once per week and report back what I think.