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    Mine in BLUE

    Quote Originally Posted by sbeckman View Post
    mine in bold

    Quote Originally Posted by RayMich View Post
    Keep in mind that when you cut down the barrel you will have no choke (it will be a straight cylinder) unless you get it threaded for an aftermarket choke.

    Good point, unless this is an "indoor" use gun. Then let em spread!

    I agree, for typical inside the home distances an "open" cylinder will work just fine, but he stated that he wants to shoot pigeons and a short barrel with no choke "may" adversely affect his chosen sport. This is one reason I suggested keeping the original factory barrel intact. :)

    Actually I'm in the process of putting screw in chokes in a couple barrels (both on one gun though ).

    Are you getting it threaded for the REM Choke or is it some other type?

    I would keep the current barrel as is and try to get a used barrel to cut down. That way if you screw something up, you'll still have a good gun with the stock barrel. Just my 2 worth. :)

    Also a good suggestion.
    One potential problem I see is the cost of getting another barrel for the Super Mag. They are very expensive to begin with, and with the possible added expense of getting a screw in choke installed, he might be better off buying another gun for home defense and keeping this one as is, to go after the "high flying" pigeons.

    Another option would be to sell or trade the Super Mag for an 11-87P (Police Model) with the 18" barrel & modified choke, and getting a standard 11-87 field barrel for the pigeons, which should fit.
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    Well I found a saiga for $500...

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    Quote Originally Posted by RayMich View Post
    Remington makes the 11-87P shotguns for Law Enforcement. They have a 3" chamber.

    You can get them with 18 or 14 inch barrels as well as with bead, ghost Ring or Rifle sights. They are not cheap though. They carry an MSRP well over $1000, but you can get them for around $840 from Davidson's through some of their local dealers.

    It is my understanding that you can use standard Remington 11-87 replacement barrels on the 11-87P models.

    Man, I like that answer......I just bought a 11-87 Police trade-in Thursday for 370 at the Cop supply store in Austin......30 day warranty with it......Big, Black and Ugly.......I think I'll name it LeRoy....there you go
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    I bought a 18" rifled barrel for my 11-87 and it works great! Take it out and field test it with different AP loads and see what works and what doesn't. There are many tacticool upgrades for the 11-87 also. I have to add that it is not my go to shotgun though. I have an 870 for that purpose.

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    Quote Originally Posted by EseLoco918 View Post
    Well I found a saiga for $500...
    I'd jump on that if you have the money. My local gunstore has them for $599. I'm about to go work a deal with them for one.
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    I bought an 11-87 years ago. Gun store near my parents home had a fire. It's one of the 11-87 SP guns (dark oil finished walnut stock and parkerized finish with a semi-short barrel and screw in choke tubes). The finish was pretty well ruined and the stock had some light charred spots on it. I got it for $265 or $285 (can't remember now) took it home, tore it down, wiped it off, oiled it up and it worked great. Killed my one and only wild turkey with it a few days later. Been meaning to do a "paint job" on it for a couple of years now but just haven't got around to it. Did replace the wood stock/forend with a Remington synthetic set though.

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