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    A little over a month ago, I asked you gentlemen how to lose this frelling weight and get back into shape. A month ago, you gentlemen pointed me to the PALEO diet, which I started. Quit milk, most all dairy products, ‘cept eggs but cut back. Bread has also disappeared from my diet. Try as I might, I could not give up my morning breakfast of oatmeal.
    Being a meat and potato man most of my life, changing to vegetables has been a big undertaking.

    I also started AMOK training twice a week and personal work outs 2 other times during the week. I usually take the weekend off, but working out of town during the week, my wife has plenty for me to do when I get home.

    I am happy to say that I have lost 25+ lbs and about 2” in the waist. My Blood sugar stays in the Good – to – Great range, and one of the meds that I take has been removed. My Goal is to get below 200, which I haven’t seen in quite a few years.

    What has surprised me is that I have not lost any energy and how easy it has been to change. I am really enjoying the NEW foods that I am eating. Hopefully I will get the wife to get on this plan, so I am not tempted during the weekends.

    Anyway, thought I would let you all know. And thanks for all the suggestions.

    Don “Ho”

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    A motivating testimony to what dedication and perseverance can do for anyone. An old dog can learn new tricks. Congratulations Brother!!!
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    Great job! Don't give up!

    Stay in the fight!

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    Congrats! Hang in there, you can do it. Grok on :)

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    Good on you, man, keep it up!
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    Quote Originally Posted by Dr John Meade View Post
    As I am 6 weeks into my own fitness program, I can SOOOOOO relate! Congrats! Don't stop!
    Are you doing the same, John?

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    Wow... great to hear Don. Keep up the good work!!!

    I'll be looking forward to seeing you on Thursday so I can say Congratulations in person brother.

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    Outstanding! But in my opinion if Oatmeal is your vice, you are a lead pipe cinch to win this struggle!

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