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    Default Ran my first 5k this past weekend.

    3 years ago I weighed in around 230-235 my BP was up Blood test showed bad cholesterol up triglycerides up. My doc told me I would need to go on meds soon if I did not make a change.

    Started working out, weight training, jogging, biking every machine at the gym.
    Had my share of set backs, minor injures and just plain old laziness at times.
    I could not have ran for more 10 minutes when I started. Finished the 5k in 29 minutes not that fast but not that slow either.

    Just turned 45 I weigh 190, still need to lose about 10 more to be where I want to be. My blood work is great now my doc is very happy. (and my wife to).

    I don't post a lot here but I do read a lot, and you guys have kept me going at times.

    So thanks!

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    Outstanding bro! Good for you & muy inspirational.

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    Good for you!!

    I'm 40, also 190lbs and would also love to get back down to 180. My GF isn't sure I should though.......
    Always give two warning shots. Both in the chest.

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    If you are turning 9 1/2 minute miles at 190lbs, that's not too bad.

    I'm not that far ahead of you at 8 1/2 minute mile average, and I'm 160lbs!

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    Good job. :)Congratulations.
    -- Lil' C

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