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    I've been wondering this for years. I once found this reference but nothing else anywhere:

    by phylo_roadking Fri Jun 15, 2007 2:05 am
    The MP/9mm ammo problem is the old Parabellum vs. 9mm quad problem. The weapon was designed for Parabellum ammo with has an everso slightly different rim profile, and modern ammo can jam up. This was always a problem - one of the reasons why the Sten was so prone to jamming in WWII - NOT because "ordinary" 9mm locked up in it...but conversely it was machined SO tolerant it could fire BOTH types of ammo! There was always therefore a little "ease" for rounds to "tumble" in the collector.

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    MP referenced is a Maschinenpistole 40

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    It may well be a quad 9mm bullet; but I always figured it was either FOUR 90mm Recoilless rifles on a pedestal mount OR a Hollywood gaff, when they meant a Quad Fifty (FOUR M2's with coffin drums). Yes the Big Gun was a Manville. The one in the movie was 26mm although there were some 37mm versions both launched smoke and CS/CN loads. They were all the rage for riot control in the 60s/70s.

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    A "package" of 4 loaded 9mm magazines for a SMG.

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    No matter what - read the book!

    You won't be sorry. It's a fantastic tale.
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    The book is still a favorite and I love the fact that the merc force uses MP40s secreted from WWII.
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    Sorry for bringing this very old thread back. I recently remembered this movie and just ordered the book, want the real book, not kindle. I was obsessed over this movie for some time. I duckducked the term "quad" too, and the first hit was this post from WT. Read it fascinated and got back to see more duckduckgo hits and now it shows this other hit, never seen that site before, but it clarifies the term. Probably this explanation was not available before this old thread.

    Is funny how these hard times make me more nostalgic about the 80s, and films like these, I am re-reading " Bourne Identity" again. In one of those books they mention they could travel with a gun as long as the chamber was empty and no magazine. Those were nice times. Probably the 70s. Traveling was not such a hassle back then, I do remember that.

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    I believe a 9mm quad is slang for undeveloped upper thigh muscles for use in wearing skinny jeans. Real men have .45 quads. I may be mistaken.

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    Maybe they made some of these in 9 mil?

    Or not.

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