So I ordered ETK & a kb on 8/10, they both arrived by 8/15...and I freakin' love my 35lb kb (will get a 50lb at some point, as well). I feel great doing the workouts in a 'whole body' sort of way. I'm being uber, uber careful as my enthusiasm in life has previously cost me many broken, torn & stitched body parts. I completely understand why so many Systema people are into kb's...TGU's are Systema.

So far all I'm doing is the RKC minimum: 10min of specific stretches & halos, one & two handed swings + snatches & presses, alternate days are TGU's and I'm experiencing fantastic results. Pavel's presentation is a little schticky, but the information and explanations are terrific.

If you're debating kb's in your life- do it. You won't be sorry.