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    Default Rifle Gunfighting class, with Randy Harris

    Just got back from the south after taking 3 fun filled days of rifle training. I was bruised, bloodied, and burned, but i had a blast, and learned more than I thought I could have.

    Being a new convert to the AK platform, I needed a little bit of time to get up to speed. It took a bit of time to get the reload figured out, but soon I was doing one handed reloads with my off hand. As well as doing reloads prone, and kneeling.

    when we got back to the range we spent some time making sure our rifles where zero'ed, then moved onto the noise making part of the class. I am not going to spend a ton of time listing everything we did, but off the top of my head we covered partial, and full transfers to our off shoulder, how to transition to our handgun from both shoulders, with both hands, how to shoot from different positions with both shoulders, as well as moving off the x and reloading.

    we had a fairly small class so we went through a good bit of ammo, as well as getting through all the topics for the rifle class a bit early on sunday. When the question was brought up about what the other Suarez courses covered. Randy gave us a run down on some upcoming classes, as well as a little taste of some of the more advanced pistol courses.

    Needless to say, I am hooked. I have had alot of teachers, and instructors in various fields. I can honestly say that few know the material, and can convey it to the students as well as Randy does. You can tell he really enjoys teaching.

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    I was only able to attend the refresher class on Friday. but I definitely learned a good bit being new. I've been trying to write a review, as soon as I get it done I'll post it up.

    all in all, I learned what I needed to work on more. and Randy confirmed a lot of what I had been reading. I wish I had been able to afford to attend the full 3 day course. & I definitely will attend another one of Randy's courses.
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    Ditto! Because of time constraints, I was only able to attend the first day of the class. Being new to the AR platform and this being my first class, a good review of the basics was exactly what I needed. This class also brought to light areas that need a little improvement. Randy Harris is an excellent instructor and I'm looking forward to more training classes in the future.

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    Thanks guys.

    This was a fun class for me too. I look forward to seeing you local guys in class again soon.

    And OHTard, it is always a pleasure to have you in class and to hang with "Big Ole Rita" after class;). I hope you have gotten over the pain of losing Lebron to Miami....I know you were devastated...:D
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    Class was alot of fun. I am really glad Brian talked me into coming to my first class because I am hooked now. I have shot a couple matches since I have been home, and have been doing quite well, I owe my winning streak to Randy for sure. It may not seem like it, but there is cross over between the two.

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