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    Default Defensive Pistol Skills, Bakersfield CA

    It looks like I'm the first to provide my input to this latest training opportunity in the "gun friendly" state of Californina.

    Well, it was a great class. Having taken the Introductory Knife Class with Uli, I expected a good class. I was not disappointed. Uli is a flexible and accomodating instructor. I signed up for this class after taking a 4 day class in one of the other "popular" gun training curriculiums in Nevada (which I was a little unimpressed). Via a Google search, I found SI. I was intrigued by their presentation and purchased 2 of their handgun DVDs. Being thorougly impressed with their content, I signed up for both this class and the Close Range Gunfighting class. (Note - I also now have the Dying Less Often series - AWESOME).

    While I did learn alot at the Nevada class and due to that experience, I felt I was beyond the "introductory level", but I wanted to "start over" with another perspective. This class covered the same material (and more) in 2 days vs. 4 days at Nevada. I was not disappointed in this SI class. One of my objections to the Nevada class was the formality was "this is the way we (you) do it" or you're wrong approach. Uli's MO (and SI's) was to work with what makes sense for you as an individual and respect for real life applicable situations to help with what you are really trying to accomplish - protect yourself from the BGs!! I like that approach.

    Being a Software Engineer by trade, I appreciate the structured approach to things. However, one also has to realize that life's activities are full of unexpected situations and deviations from the norm and must be considered and analyzied in order to fully appreciate an adequate response. This class was an example of that philosphy. For example, I have a CCW (yes in CA) and I carry 2 different handguns One is an XD and the other is an LCR. I wanted to evaluate the "effectiveness" of both handguns. Uli was very accommodating. He allowed me to experiment (the Nevada class would have probably kicked me off their site) and helped me very much in using both weapons. In fact, I now have a much more effective reload routine with the speedloaders for the LCR.

    Many thanks to Uli and SI in providing this opportunity. I look forward to the Close Range Gunfighting course in Bakersfield. Also, the fellow students at this class were awesome (it must be the similiar mindset, since the knife class was the same!!).

    PS - I think there is hope for the gun hating folks in CA.
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