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    Default What AK stock for the Saiga?

    What length stock is everyone using for the S12 conversion? Standard or NATO length?

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    I've had both on mine. I am fairly tall with long arms, and I still prefer the shorter warsaw length vs. the nato.

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    Been thinking about how I want to convert mine and was going to go with a folding stock, but after seeing Gabe's post on the Saiga .308, I'm starting to wonder if using the Magpul CTR might also be a good option. Stock might be sturdier and adjustable for various LOP.

    Any thoughts?

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    I must say I have reconsidered my position on these. They do have advantages and best of all they don't look like M4 stuff. I'd stay as far away from any Tapco stock adapters as possible. Vltor is good as is the aluminum version from EMA. The CTR is a nice stock.
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    I ended up with a 8.5" Ace stock with a folder adapter. I welded a flat plate on the back of the receiver. Feels perfect. 7.5" was too short.
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