NOVEMBER 8-10, 2010
Combat Pistol Instructor School

For the first time since 2003, Suarez International will be holding a Combat Pistol Instructor School. This will be only time this class will be offered, and we do not anticipate holding another course like this again for several years.

In this 3 day course of instruction, Suarez International CEO, Gabe Suarez, will teach you HOW to teach. He will also discuss various aspects of the training business including instructor attributes, command presence and appearance, teaching skills, marketing your class as well as the comprehensive teaching material from our two day Defensive Pistol Skills course, with an emphasis on how to impart those skills to the student.

As much as a “Train The Trainer” format, attendees will also be introduced to the highly successful Suarez International Staff instructor program, which could possibly result in high paying staff instructor positions for some of the attendees. Attendance does not automatically convey an instructor position nor permission to teach Suarez material under the Suarez name.

Only $500