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    Default 1100 Tac Feedback

    I have been in the market for a shotgun and looked at all the usual suspects - Saiga, Rem, Mossie, Benelli. I understand the keep it simple concept and am not into all the various add on's. Anyway, had looked at the 870's and yesterday ran across a NIB 1100 Tac at my gun store. I know its pricey (low $700's) but its certainly not out of range and less than the Benelli M4 or an E-TAC or similar built out Saiga. I can't find a lot of feedback on this shotgun other than its expensive. Any owners out there or thoughts on the pros/cons on the 1100 Tac. I am not a shotgun guy so any "coaching" appreciated.
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    Default reliable...........

    I have three 1100's, for over 30 years now. NEVER A PROBLEM.... Thousands, and I do mean Thousands of rounds thru them. By far the best Semi-auto shotgun in my opinion.... Yes, I own two 870's, there good, but they're no 1100.
    Buy it, and shoot it.
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    I have owned a Rem 1100 since I was 17.... I am 40 now and I still love it.
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    I have two Remington 1100s now. One was manufactured in the mid-'80s and the other in the early '70s. They are extraordinary shotguns when put into proper tactical trim (18" barrel, short-LOP pistol grip stock, and mag extension). Extremely smooth-shooting under rapid fire. For a 3rd-generation shotgun, it would be my recommendation, far and away.
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