CBP Announces New Jobs On The Northern Border

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Josh Anderson, Senior Patrol Agent, United States Border Patrol
July 14, 2009

The vacancy announcement for the Border Patrol Agent position has re-opened. This new announcement is for the Northern Border ONLY. All applicants interested in applying for the Southern Border must wait for those positions to re-open in the future. Below is the most current information relating to the Northern Border Intern (NBI) positions, the announcement will open July 8, 2009.
  1. The announcement will just be for Northern Border, not SW yet. Don’t expect we’ll open the SW Border until after beginning of FY10.
  2. The announcement will be open at all 3 grade levels – GL-5/7/9.
  3. It will be open until 9/30/09 or until we get 12,000 eligible registrants (which could be sooner), so those interested should be encouraged to apply early
  4. It will include all 8 NB Sectors since majority of new applicants will fill FY10 positions towards end goal of 2212.
  5. If applicants fail the written exam the first time they take it, they must now wait 12 months rather than 3 months to try again.
  6. There are no more “compressed testing” sites – all applicants who take the test will get their results by mail from OPM.
  7. Although we are only testing in 17 states (WA, OR, ID, WY, MT, ND, SD, MN, WI, IL, MI, OH, PA, NY, VT, NH and ME), oral boards will be held nationwide for the benefit of applicants who already have a test score.
  8. Applicants who are currently on the BPA inventory for SW Border – or in process for SW Border – and would like to be considered for a NB position, must re-register online in the new open period. They will not have to re-test if they have taken the written test any time since April 2005, but they do have to go online and re-register. MHC will be sending an email about the NB anncmt to approximately 2000 applicants currently on the SW Border inventory who have already taken the test but have not yet been selected.
  9. The maximum entry age is still 40 (must be under age 40 at the time referred on a certificate for selection). However, please be aware that based on a precedent MSPB appeal decision (Isabella v Dept of State) applicants who are veterans preference eligible (both 5-pt and 10-pt), are now allowed to apply and be considered regardless of age. The online registration is programmed to ask the age question, but if they claim veterans preference, even if over age 40, it will let them continue.
  10. FYI – CBP is increasing the number of polygraphs they are conducting on BPA applicants who get tentatively selected. If identified by Internal Affairs for a polygraph, it is not discretionary, i.e., they cannot choose to go through a background investigation instead. Applicants so identified must attend and successfully complete the polygraph in order to continue in the pre-appt process. If they decline the polygraph or fail to show for the polygraph, their offer will be withdrawn.
  11. As in the past, NB interns will spend the first 15 months as a trainee on detail to the SW Border, including their BP Academy time.
To complete the online application you can search for the position on USAJOBS.GOV or click on the APPLY NOW link on