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    Default Grab-N-Stab Sighted at Local Gun Shop

    Not one on display or for sale though.

    Today this afternoon I was killing a little time at a local gun shop shooting the bull with a few regulars when two fellows come in I think to maybe talk to the gunsmith/owner; who was not in yet.

    As they stood between the counter and me seated in a chair, I noticed one of the dudes carrying a sheath knife on his belt at around 4 o'clock position that kind'a looked familiar. Sheath design and outline of handle and blade in sheath began to ring a bell but they left before I could break off the conversation I was having and ask if that was in fact a GNS.

    Small world though if that was in fact one. Maybe also a fellow WT'er and/or SI customer.

    BTW- I just pushed the button on one this afternoon.
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    Someone had one on Ebay that I tried to rescue not long ago. They called it a "stabb and grab".

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