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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragsbo View Post
    Actually I usually have at least three or four knives on me...
    Likewise. Heck, I've been known to have one on me even when wearing pajamas. :D

    Yeah I am known as a knife nutt but they say it like is is something bad????
    Nothing wrong with being a knife nut, or a knife junkie as I call it. See:

    "Think for yourselves and let others enjoy the privilege to do so too." Voltaire

    "A mile-long rationalization of one's good intentions will not obscure or excuse an inch of violation." Tom Sotis

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    Glad to see #10 ! Its a change from past info here. I've caught hell for using my primary blade for EVERYTHING, and not keeping it pristine. Nothing here carved in stone, always willing to consider, and change. Its why this site is head and shoulders above the always outdated, other sites. Learn to sharpen your own blades and go forth ! steve b

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    I was wondering if someone would take a moment and explain the difference between a STAB and a THRUST.

    How you grip for each would be useful as well.


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    [quote=Gabe Suarez;750442]1). A fighting is knife is fueled by rage and ferocity, not by cleverness and showmanship. I recall seeing CWS go ape (or was it AMOK) on a knife expert we brought in one year. The best the very clever and artistic knife expert could do was match CWS stab for stab. But that was after CWS had stabbed him three or four times.

    2). Learn to stab....HARD

    Just an a recent SA article to drive the point home

    Man slits hijacker's throat

    Article By: JP du Plessis
    Wed, 24 Jun 2009 08:46

    A man who police believe is the only person to survive the antics of a brutal hijacking gang has revealed his terror while fighting off his seven attackers.
    Ray Sampson was hijacked in Midrand a week ago but with 13 years of military training under his belt his assailants had no idea what was coming.
    The seven hijackers pounced on Sampson when he stopped to give a homeless woman a cold drink.
    They drove him to a secluded area on the outskirts of Hartebeespoort Dam before dragging him out of the car.
    "Then they discussed which one was going to kill me," he said.
    Sampson used a knife he was carrying to fight his way out: "I stuck it into the bone just below his ear and pulled the knife across his throat. I proceeded to stab him in the eye and the rest of them disappeared."
    When Sampson reported the attack to police he was told he was the only known person to survive an attack by the gang.
    "This particular gang has killed a number of people, one of the bodies they found was actually a policeman."
    Gauteng police said they were aware of the criminals, adding a specialised task team was working around the clock to bring them down. Eyewitness News

    All the best

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    I always carry my endura and most of the times I carry 2 (a voyager medium in my back right pocket). This 2nd one is to be used more as a tool but also as back up if needed.
    Reading today Gabe's comments on wavers and not having one in my collection I decided to try the "zip tie" method. Which consists of putting a zip tie in the thumb hole of the blade and cut the long plastic string. Leaving only the head lock with a small part of the plastic string sticking out. It works pretty good. The blade opens most of the time. I guess one needs to get consistency in the technique to draw it.
    Has anyone tried this method????
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    I carry several knives on me, but no longer carry any in a manner that an outsider can see.

    After having my own clip on folder being pulled on me while in a lock during training,
    and then a certain incident in my last genuine fight...,
    I started carrying a decoy knife on me:
    One of those $17 Home Depot Husky folders that I could use as a utility blade when I pulled the blades out of the handle's storage compartment.

    Since I've integrated Hideaway knives as my main utility knives, the only thing I carry that looks like a clip on folder is my flashlight.
    My Youtube Channel

    Learning self defense is a mandatory part of being a responsible adult.
    (If you don't, then you ain't.)

    "In [martial arts] if you don't train with insight but just do the form, you'll never gain skill." Masaaki Hatsumi

    Islam: the greatest trick the devil ever pulled.

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    Quote Originally Posted by Shdwdncr View Post
    Likewise. Heck, I've been known to have one on me even when wearing pajamas. :D

    Nothing wrong with being a knife nut, or a knife junkie as I call it. See:

    I clip my ex-large serrated voyager to my pajamas. (I was the victim of a
    home invasion in '05) so I don't see a problem with it.

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    Regarding #10: Ghurkas become a legend with using their Khukris. Why have been they so efficient with the weapon? Because they used it on daily basis to cut their way in a jungle, to cut meat, to fight, to hunt etc. If I recall correctly Ghurkas regiment was the only one in british army which was allowed to carry not standart equipment - Khukri knife.

    Why have been Filipinos so good with knives and machettes - the very same thing.

    It is like when you see aged construction worker. He hits the nails with a hammer so precise and it seems so easy for him. Brain and body muscles remembers the weigt, shape and gravity center. Brain does not need to think how much force to use in a muscles to operate the weapon etc.

    Very good point!

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    Quote Originally Posted by Gabe Suarez View Post
    10). Contrary to the advice of others, use your fighting knife for everything. From opening letters to cutting cheese or tomatoes. Handle your knife daily, keep it sharp, keep it handy. make accessing it as natural as scratching your butt.
    Okay, you have me rethinking my position on this and learning.....

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    O use my Endura and benchmade RSK all the time. There's use and then there's abuse. I also carry a Victorinox Alox Farmer that gets used for all the stuff that would damage the extremely sharp edge on my folder. Mac

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