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The Police is nice. I have a set of the waved enduras coming which I plan on working something out with.

On the daily use thing. I dry drill with my carry gun. I also shoot it when I train. I do not have a training gun and a carrying gun. I learn an almost zen-like understanding of the weapon by living with it.

I know...kinda spacy, but it is what it is.

Its the same with a knife. If I have cut my steak with it, opened my letters, cut open a box from eastern europe, or whatever, I know exactly its condition...when it needs to be oiled, sharpened, cleaned or what ever.
This is what I do, and have done for years.
I bought my current EDC pistol several years ago, when I departed from the Beretta PX-4.
Except for a couple days when I sent the slide off to Powder River Precision to be milled for a red dot sight, it hasn't been out of my possession except for when taking a shower, and even then it is within reach.
Familiarity with the weapon.
There's no substitute for familiarity with the weapon.

The weight, the feel, the balance, how fast and how far it drops when ya happen to have it slip from yer hands (hopefully never but shit happens)...all matter when the deep shit hits the high fan.

These are my opinions of course, but when I saw Gabe write the same things that I've been doing for years, I just had to comment.


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