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Thread: Best folder

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    Default Best folder

    Ok, for many years I've carried an Emerson CQC-7 tanto as my EDC General do all blade. It seems after about 15-18 years this one has migrated from my pocket to that place lost blades go to live. So, I'm shopping for a replacement. What are folks carrying these days for hard use folders? Not looking for a fighting knife, more utilitarian.

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    I've been using the Spyderco Police Model on a daily basis for years.
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    Im loving my Benchmade Griptillian so far. Ive carried a spuderco endura for years. Ergonomics in griptilian are better. Spyderco is thinner. My eqc-7 at its price and jeaviness sits in my night stand largely.

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    I love my Spydercos! I carry a tan Enduro when working on the farm. I has the half serrated/half plain edge. I thought the serrated might be better for cutting hay string and such but if doing it again I would go plain all the way. I carry a couple Natives while amongst polite company due to questionable knife laws, one in each front pocket. I like how they feel and they disappear in the pocket. I tried the Delica which is about the same size but like the Native better. I have a old old Police model that is all metal. Never liked it, to heavy and metal handle was too slick.
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    There’s a nice Spyderco Military in the For Sale section here...
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    I picked up Boker Miyu when I saw it in
    a local gun shop. MSRP is $53.95, but
    the shop was selling it $40, so I scarfed
    it up. They also had the Miyu Chiisai with
    a retail price of $47.95, that I also liked
    as it was the same knife but a little shorter
    so I picked it up a few days later for $35.

    Both are smooth opening with a flick of
    the wrist, small profile in your pocket,
    classy enough to cut up a steak and
    affordable enough to carry every day.
    I carry the larger on the street, and the
    smaller rides in my pocket while at home.
    I will buy more of each.


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    Spyderco used better steels and the lock back is superior to anything Emerson makes. I have no clue how Emerson ever became known as a "hard use knife ", nothing hard use about a liner lock, and 154cm steel is so outdated anymore.... Yes I own both. I'd give a strong look at the police model the store has.
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    Quote Originally Posted by Ragsbo View Post
    I have a old old Police model that is all metal. Never liked it, to heavy and metal handle was too slick.

    Agree! I put grip tape on mine. Not too slick, anymore.
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    Have a couple of Spyderco Enduras that have always liked for several years now, but must say the Benchmade Griptillion is the most comfortable in the hand of anything I've used and their Axis lock is very fast and secure. Lately, been carrying an SOG Spec Elite at work which I like about as well. Favorite? Don't think you could go wrong with any of them.

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    Benchmade lost a lot of fans helping destroy confiscated guns. The axis lock by definition is a bit less robust than many other locks. You basically have two thin wires keeping it together. Not a huge fan and the Spyderco thumb hole is the best non wave deployment method

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