I always have at least one knife on my person at all times, even at home I will have it on me and at work I keep one in my backpack that I can get too if need (most health care professionals don't carry a knife with them at a hospital). I always consider the Blade to be an excellent choice for everyone.

I think fixed blades are great, cool, sexy, etc and have a place. However, folders are considered more of a tool by most-including law enforcement. That being said, there are folders that obviously have NO intention of being a tool and are only made to be fighters-might consider that when you carry in certain areas/states.

Serrated or Non-Serrated blade? I have a few of each. While the serrated is more useful-as in cutting rope, etc-the non-serrated does not catch on clothing, bone, etc (as mentioned by a previous member).

First though, know HOW to use it. Know WHAT it can do. Know WHAT it will do if/when you pull it. Blades are not to be overlooked or laughed upon. A blade can be pulled by a thug and slice and dice before you know what happened. If you carry one I suggest you get training on how to use it. This not only helps you in case the need arrises, but also if someone attacks you with a knife. I work in health care, and before this I had studied MMA/Knife/Stick fighting for years... I always knew what the blade would do, but once I got into healthcare and thought of it more it really made sense-or perhaps I just thought more on the consequences and outcomes... cuts over major arteries-you'll bleed out in 30-45 seconds...and I'm just making a generalization here-that's not a definite time.

Along the same note...if you learn the Blade, what you know can be translated to many other things. Sticks obviously, pipes etc... but also think of what you have around you in your home, workplace, etc. That giant pair of stainless steel tongs by the grill with the serrated teeth? Ink pens? Even a wooden ruler with the metal edge.... I myself have a stainless steel ink pen-can always have that on me even if not allowed a blade anywhere else...people may laugh but the scenes in old kung fu movies of the Old Chinese Chef who beats up some punks with two large fish he just recently gutted may not be too far fetched...

Make NO mistake, knife fighting is brutal, bloody, up close and personal. Be prepared to have all this happen. Pulling a trigger from a distance is a little less personal to MOST people. You cut someone, see them bleed, feel the blood and watch their eyes dim... that's with you forever. But if it comes to you or your loved ones, the Blade is always there for you.