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    Default One Second After - a must read

    If you have not read "One Second After" by William Forstchen, you need to get the book and read it. The technology described in the book is available today but the real eye opener is the way he describes civilization's downward spiral after all electricity is cut off. This scenario is reason enough to get all the training you can. Hopefully, the book is not prophetic, but you never know.


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    Thanks for the tip Mike. Added it to my Amazon shopping list.
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    Sounds like an interesting book.

    Good info on the website. See

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    Ordered the book after seeing this post. Finished it Sat. night, I read it in two days! This book hit real close to home. My youngest is Type 1. This is a prominent story line throughout the book. It ripped my heart out and through it on the ground. I thought I was is in pretty good shape concerning SHTF type stuff. Got a bunch more work to do. I have been talking to anyone who will listen about this book. Great read.

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    Wierd like in serendipity! I had a dream early this morning: I was back in the Army with my unit on high alert deployed in the field and I saw a nuke go off on the horizon with mushroom cloud. The radio I had on switched to static on all channels.
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    Thanks for the tip chronic!

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    I'll triple the recommendation for this book. The author does a great job of chronicling how our society could/would fall apart and end up in a Somalia like state. And just how fast it could/would happen. If you have a family member/friend that has their head in the sand have them read this book. Since it has a romantic thread my wife liked reading it even though it scared the crap out of her.


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    After reading this thread I went to Amazon and added it to my wishlist. Amazon told me that "You specified one or more items that were already on your list." I don't remember it, but I had already added it back in early May.

    I guess I need to do more purchasing/reading and less "wishing". It will be in my next order...
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    I am going to talk my library into buying this if they don't have it.
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    Over the past couple weeks I feel like the "lights" have come on regarding the need to prepare for this type of stuff....Now I'm like, geez how did I ever not realize how vulnerable the general public is in these kind of scenarios. I feel like I need to get others prepared now as well.

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    Default Read the book and it's very good....

    I was somewhat aware of the threat of EMP but I was totally blown away by the entire range of critical items that was lost due to an EMP pulse! While I am not familiar with NC, I think things would be a bit different here in TX. I am also fairly sure that there would be no way that Mexico could take over TX. I think an even more important read is the EMP Commission report that is available at the website . I will be making an effort to get that one for sure. Lots to think about and make considerations. One thing I have noticed is that those who prepared and are known to prepare are singled out by the community and so on. I feel that my approach of preparing is being low key and so on. Food and vitamins needs to be a top priority and keep on the qt. I have had discussions with mechanics and the chips that would be fried are easily bought and can be replaced. Find out the parts for your vehicle and buy the parts in advance and shield them along with other critical items.
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