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    Default Where to buy a baton?

    I have decided to purchase an extendable baton. I live in Littleton, Colorado and I am thinking of the 26" ASP or the Monadnake (sic). Who has had both and what is your opinion of both? Where would you recommend that I purchase my baton? Thank you for your time and consideration.

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    Default bob

    This has already been discussed very recently in another thread.

    Concensus seems to be the Monadnock autolock because you can choose between whipping it out or opening it discreetly.

    You can also close it easily and you can thrust with it without it collapsing.

    Hope that helps

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    Default where.

    check with - and for your info, thier house brand expandable is made by ASP. The shaft is even stamped with the ASP logo. Its a pretty good stick, but I still carry a cocobolo straight baton.
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    Consider this source. I have ordered from them and was pleased with the product, quick service AND price:
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