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    Default Great Deal GemTech Paying Tax

    Gotta hurry this expires April 30th. I ordered one tonight for the 19s.

    Gemtech Tundra

    Always ones to take negative economic news with a sense of humor and following our tradition of always trying to help folks in the suppressor community find a bright side, GEMTECH announces a unique suppressor event that's never been done by a manufacturer before. We're turning "tax time" into "Gemtax time"!

    So we humbly submit our way of giving back and helping out the community that might be strapped for tax dollars this time of year:

    From today, Tax Day, April 15th through the end of the month, while The Man is taking your hard-earned money, GEMTECH offers something big back to you:



    Purchase a GEMTECH TUNDRA suppressor, the class-leading compact 9mm silencer from your favorite FFL/SOT dealer between April 15 and April 30th and Gemtech will pay your $200 NFA Transfer tax for you!

    With your dealer's assistance, complete your Form 4 with local CLEO or Trust/Corp data, etc., Fingerprint Cards, Certificate of Compliance – Get everything all done and ready to go to BATF... except that nasty $200 dollar check made out to the Feds. Don't worry about that during Gemtax time - This one's on us.

    Instead of sending it to BATFE, send your completed Form 4 package to Gemtech along with a copy of your dated sales receipt for your TUNDRA suppressor. (We strongly and politely suggest you send your submission in a trackable manner, so a.) it gets here, and b.) you don't have to call us on the half-hour for the next two weeks, asking "Umm... Hey, sorry to bug you, but I'm just checking if you got my envelope yet?" From there,


    for you and Priority Mail it in to ATF for processing. We'll send you notification via email or USPS as to the date it was sent in to BATFE for processing. It's up to the always friendly and efficient NFA Instrument Examiners to take it from that point. (Hi, Ted!) They'll approve the thing eventually, provided you're not the town bad guy, didn't do something wrong on your forms, etc.

    After what seems like forever, but really isn't that long in the grand scheme of things, the BATFE will send the approved transfer to your dealer with a pretty $200 dollar tax stamp glued in the upper right hand corner –– which will always be a cheery reminder of that special time of year when GEMTECH paid your tax for you.

    Small Print #1: Look, for your own man-sake here, don't embarrass yourself by being a whiner - we're trying to do something nice here, so if you already bought a TUNDRA just prior to the sale, hey –– suck it up enjoy your cool, industry-leading silencer, and drive on, you know? Companies run coupons and sales all the time with start and expiration dates. But, we're Gemtech, and thus we're all about showing a little love to our early-adopters and fans, so as a goodwill gesture, we'll send you a Gemtech hat if you send us proof of purchase/Form 4 copy for your TUNDRA made already this year (purchased Jan 1, 2009 through April 30, 2009, contact us for details).

    Small Print #2: Ok, so you're thinking "Wow, I don't mind spending money with a good American firearms company like Gemtech, and it sure chaps my butt to give another red cent to the government, so I think I'm going to run down to my local FFL/SOT and get on this unique opportunity today!"...

    …but your dealer doesn't have one in stock! Crap! What do you do now? (Tell your dealer to keep more on hand!). Look, no problem: We've got hundreds on the shelf right now.

    So get to your dealer this week and order one or more (yeah, because *some* guy is going to ask - yes, you can buy a mess of them and we'll still hook you up paying the taxes... why not?).

    If you order with your dealer before April 30th, it's going to take roughly 45 days maximum to have NFA Branch approve one from Gemtech to your dealer. When your dealer gets it in, get hustling, complete your Form 4, and get it in to us before June 15th with your proof of purchase that you bought it between April 15 and 30th, and we'll *still* write that $200 dollar check for you. This offer ends entirely on June 15th ––So make sure your dealer actually orders it from us you when you order it from him!

    Small Print #3: Complete your forms correctly. We'll send them back to you without a check if they aren't submitted done right. Sorry, but no, we can't help you get your own fingerprints (unless you also send us your fingers), nail down a CLEO signoff, establish a corporation in Nevada for you, or provide you with a bootleg copy of Quicken Willmaker for your Dell PC running Vista, etc. If you can't complete the forms, you can't participate in the offer. See your dealer early for assistance to get that Form 4 done in time to participate in this offer.

    Happy Tax Day!


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    well damn, wish I had known this before the wife spent half the income tax refund....
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