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    Default MPRI reputation?

    Anyone familiar with this group? Good, bad, anything? A bro (ret. E8) has a been asked to take a 2 month training gig in Uganda with MPRI. At first I asked if I could go with, changed my mind when I found out you can't carry personal weapons except on the range.

    Anyway, any advice or personal experience with MPRI would be much appreciated by my friend. Many thanks in advance.

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    Worked with them briefly in Kuwait. I don't know enough to say definitively one way or the other but the retired E7 teaching us FOB security (which was pointless given our already known convoy escort mission in Iraq) had been a cook on active duty. Nothing against a good 92G, just saying . . .
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    I have two friends, one ex-Army, one ex-USMC, currently employed with MPRI; they both say good things about the company.




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