The Suarez Method
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    DO WANT!

    That would be awesome. :)
    "Arms in the hands of citizens may be used at individual discretion... in private self-defense." John Adams

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    OH yeah!!! I'll buy. The 2 man/person, is very interesing.

    The E and E is a popular subject lately. Rob P and Michael J. shows this season is geared toward this type thing along with general survival.
    It is almost like people are expecting problems.

    Since Nov. a lot of average Joe's have bought a lot of guns. I think a lot of those people are realizing they don't really know how to use them, beyond shooting a tin can. Between the economy, Obomacare, and crime, chances are they will need that skill someday, and now is the time to learn.

    Just my 2 cents but for 2 man team, I'd go with a "whatever" type guns we have vs the 1500$ Fuller we wish we had.

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    All of the above, +1.

    I'm in. Can I get on the pre-order list? :)

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    Sort of a very late bump, but any way this is in the works? I would definitely buy one, and it would be the only thing like it on the market.

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    bump 2 i would buy pleasssssse

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    Chimin' in, I'll buy.

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    Ditto! Would love to see this project!!

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    As a member of a church, I'm trying to put together a security team. With recent church shootings, I believe this is a must. Would definitely buy.

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    I would definitely buy this. Non-LE. Non-ground combat military. This is exactly the type of information I need.

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    You would have another sale here as well!

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