If we constantly scare off new members, we will soon become like certain other forums and groups that never grow and are always struggling over minutia, highly intolerant of any outsiders.

WT exists to help me market the classes and the gear, and the DVDs. That is how I pay the bills at the end of the day.

What would happen to me as a trainer if when a stupid question was asked by an otherwise well-intentioned guy, I said "That is the stupidest thing I have ever heard of...get the hell out of my class and never darken my door again fool"?

I would soon be looking for another job.


Just so we are on the same page...a few definitions....BEFORE YOU LABEL SOMEONE A TROLL!

A Troll is someone who registers on a forum in order to personally attack the group or a person therein. Their purpose is to stir discord and conflict. For example an anti-gun communist liberal coming here and challenging us would be considered a troll.

If they are not doing that, they are not trolls.

A Spammer is someone who joins a board simply to hawk his wares. Often there is a thread leading to a product for sale. These are usually first posters.

If they are not doing that, they are not spammers.

An Agent Provocateur is someone who comes aboard to instigate something that shouldn't be done for various reasons. Agent Provocateurs are probably members of the enemy camp.

If they are not doing that, they are not agent provocateurs.

A Modern Technique Monkey (MTM for short) is a guy who says that you can't fire an accurate shot on the move, that you have to use a weaver and your sights and who thinks force on force, physical training and Glocks are stupid. They also have ravens tattooed on their rumps.

Asking a stupid question does not make one an MTM.

A Bait-Man is a guy who comes aboard and asks about all manner of illegal modifications and silencers and full auto stuff, and then entraps a member into helping him do something illegal. They usually work for some Government Agency and think the Bill Of Rights is right next to Mein Kampf and the Communist Manifesto. They think Vicky Weaver should have been shot twice.

If they are not doing that, they are not trying to entrap you.

That is it guys. Let's not turn into an arrogant, exclusive, cool guy club.