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    Quote Originally Posted by Prairie Fire View Post
    one man force: The Chinese Human Wave Attack was pretty simple. There was about half a dozen self-resetting poppers set at 200 and 300 yards, IRRC. Three minutes of shooting time, with the shooter in prone. JaS described the results in his first post.
    Try 50 yards. In a fog. At night. BN sized formation. Local superiority 20:1.

    It will become a 360 degree fight.

    Quote Originally Posted by Jack-O View Post

    We aslo tried messing around with some volley fire where all shooters concentrated on one target and let off 3 rounds. we had at least 50% hits at 600 yards.

    Imagine what a squad of partisan snipers or riflemen could do with some volley fire!!

    This is a concept that we should look into further. even at closer ranges, this "team tactic" could be an extrememly effective tool to ensure target destruction.
    Worth repeating.
    "Four words: We win; they lose."

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    Quote Originally Posted by Rob72 View Post
    Ya know... the supplier for the group-buy on .223 had reportedly said they weren't doing 7.62x39 because they didn't feel they had a sufficiently accurate rifle to test from. I got a Rossi single-shot in 7.62 Russ to go with my AKs... its not Krieger barreled, but I think it would serve.;)

    I know CZ makes a nice mag fed bolt rifle bet it would be pretty accurate! Here is a link
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    Quote Originally Posted by Winchester67 View Post
    More stories: my uncle Bill was at the Chosin. And he never talked about it. It really bothered him, all these years later. He had first joined the army, then the marines. He was sitting in his foxhole one night in that half sleep that is the best you can get in that situation, and a chi-com actually fell into his foxhole in the dark and the bayonet on the end of his rifle gave him a wicked scar above his eye as he fell. They grappled, and Uncle Bill won.

    My grandmother, the hardest woman I ever met, got word her eldest son was missing in action, as many familes did. Unconvinced, my grandparents went out and bought him a new Oldsmobile convertible, and started to write him letters about what was waiting for him at home. He came home to that car.

    So, yes, train hard. Every now and again, shoot at ranges you think you will never need. And yes, I mean 100 yards with a handgun. We never know.

    I very much agree know your equipment inside and out, My dad use to teach me to shoot a S&W mod 14 .38spl with a 6" barrel @ 100 yards i started at 6 years old i have put more than 100,000 rounds through that gun, and i can shoot the head off a spruce hen at 50 yards with it. I cant take all the credit the Mod 14 is the most accurate pistol i have ever shot. In fast firing drills at 20 yds (shooting skeet targets) i have beat kimber, Para Ord, and Rock Island Armory 1911's 3 Models of glocks, a ruger semi auto other S&W revolvers and last but certinaly not least and HK USP. The practice with that gun has made me a verry good pistol shooter. I want to stress know your equipment ant practise very hard with it. It will save your life!

    O and it woldn't hurt to know other weapon systems that you may encounter on the battle field it may be over seas in the military or being attacked in your own home! You never know!

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    I believe Gabe had a blog about this, trying longer ranges with your gear. I have done stuff at 200+ yds. with a FEG Hipower that suprised the hell out of me. I figured the AK was at least a 400 yd. effective rifle but have seen now i need to get another one... to start working my way out to 600 yds.
    To learn, improve and build my defenses everyday... My goals.

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    Thats great to know about the ak...

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